Window Cleaning Towels

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  1. Recycled Surgical Towels Green Main View
    WCR Recycled Surgical Towels - 10 lbs

    Starting at $39.00

  2. Ettore-MicroSwipe-Color-Options
    Ettore MicroSwipe Towel - Pack of Ten

    Starting at $13.12

  3. Pro Microfiber Towel Color Options View
    Pro Microfiber Towel

    Starting at $1.85

  4. Pro-Turkish-Towels-Per-Pound-Color-Options-View
    Pro Turkish Towels - Per Pound

    Starting at $4.25

  5. Pulex-Microfiber-Towel-Color-Options-View
    Pulex Microfiber Towel

    Starting at $0.96

  6. Unger Microfiber Micro Wipe Main View
    Unger Microfiber MicroWipe

    Starting at $1.61

  7. Unger-HD-Micro-Wipe-Green-Folded
    Unger HD MicroWipe

    Starting at $6.52

  8. Unger-Ninja-MicroWipe-Main-View-View
    Unger Ninja MicroWipe

    Starting at $6.99

  9. Unger-Scrim-Main-View
    Unger Scrim

    Starting at $24.99

  10. XERO-Fishscale-Towel-Folded-View
    XERO Fish Scale Towel

    Starting at $19.99

  11. New Surgical Towels
    New Surgical Towels

    Starting at $29.00

  12. Viper-Industries-Towel-Holder-Front-View
    Viper Towel Holder
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Proper towels should clean glass without leaving lint or streaks. Towels come in different sizes, brands and colors. WCR carries chamois, huck towels and scrims. Micro Swipes and Micro Wipes are also available from Unger and Ettore. New and recycled surgical towels are both absorbent, and lint-free. They are ideal for detailing windows and wiping frames. Other towels come in different packaging and quantities like 1 lb, 5 lbs, 10 lbs or single. Supporting accessories to hold your towels are also available. Check out the complete selection of belts/holsters as well.

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