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  1. Moerman Complete Stainless Steel Squeegee
    Moerman Complete Stainless Steel Squeegee

    From $15.36

    To $17.56

  2. Moerman Complete Brass Squeegee
    Moerman Complete Brass Squeegee

    From $18.74

    To $23.70

  3. Moerman-Combinator-Complete-Squeegee-Full-View
    Moerman Combinator Complete Squeegee

    From $15.86

    To $23.75

  4. Moerman-Ergonomic-Complete-Squeegee-Full-View
    Moerman Ergonomic Complete Squeegee

    From $18.85

    To $26.74

  5. Moerman-Snapper-Complete-Squeegee-Full-View
    Moerman Snapper Complete Squeegee

    From $23.11

    To $31.00

  6. Moerman-Swivel-Complete-Squeegee-Full-View
    Moerman Swivel Complete Squeegee

    From $24.10

    To $31.99

  7. Moerman-Excelerator-Complete-Squeegee-Full-View
    Moerman Excelerator Complete Squeegee

    From $28.75

    To $36.64

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All complete squeegees come with a handle, a channel, and one piece of rubber. Complete squeegees are available for sale in top industry brands. Choose from Unger, Ettore, Pulex, Ledger and more! Some brands offer brass, gold, stainless steel or aluminum squeegee channels. Choose between swivel or fixed tools which determines how flexible your movement will be. Some designs are minimal with no end clips or screws. Other designs have end clips or a piece to hold the squeegee rubber in place. Some tools can also attach to extension poles which is ideal for high-rise window cleaning.

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