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About the JoshuaTheWindowCleaner Kit

Josh The Window Cleaner takes pride in window cleaning and put together this kit with some of his favorite tools to get you started. Just add some soap and you are ready to go!

XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0

Perfect for storefront work and using traditional tools, the XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0 is made from 100% Carbon Fiber making it lightweight, durable, and easy on the shoulders. Perfect for all-day use! This 12-foot pole is made up of 3 sections, has a collapsed length of 53.75-inches, and weighs 1.45 lbs. Each section features an effortless, bolted clamping system that keeps the extended sections locked in place and built-in end defenders to prevent your pole from being damaged when laying it down.

Maykker Handy Sleeve Complete

Attach standard tools like the Maykker Handy Sleeve Complete to the Wooden Cone Adapter on your pole for versatile cleaning. Standard with a swiveling T-Bar that fits comfortably in your hand and powerful, teeth gripping velcro, it provides the cleaning and scrubbing action unlike anything on the market. Use the sleeve to hold microfiber cloths, towels, bronze wool pads, white scrub pads, and more!

Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve & Unger Ninja T-Bar

There is nothing better than durability and quality when using products. The Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve is made from synthetic fabric with double seams sewn at the ends for longevity. It has super scrubbing power and will work great on your 18-inch Unger ErgoTec Ninja T-Bar. The ergonomic handle provides a high level of comfort in your hand and effectiveness while being used on your pole. Its made of lightweight aluminum and features a swivel option for cleaning peculiar windows.

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handles

Strong, lightweight tools are great for everyday use. The Unger ErgoTec Ninja 30° and 40° Squeegee Handles are strong and easy on the hands. These anti-slip grip handles feature a 180° swivel head and make squeeging awkward windows a breeze. The 40° handle will perfectly hold wide-body channels make swapping easy with the TriLoc Channel Locking Mechanism while the 30° handle is compatible with the Ninja Channels, but they are sold separately. 

Sörbo Quicksilver and Red White and Blue Channels

The ultimate wide-body Channels are built for strength and durability. They feature a unique grooved rubber and a 40° angled tip that avoids the channel from damaging the window frame. 

Pulex Bucket and Maykker Trident Belt

If you need a way for transporting tools, supplies, and liquids, the Pulex 6-gallon Bucket allows you to transport window cleaning solutions without making a mess using its air-tight lid and easily stores your tools when not using for liquids. It has a comfortable handle for easy carrying and plastic clips to hold your tools. When carrying your on-the-job equipment at your side, start off by attaching his Majesty, the Maykker Trident Belt to your work pants. This top-quality nylon belt was designed to combine strength, flexibility, and durability. It has a double lock, three press system providing additional security. 

Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt and Ninja Scraper Combo

Lucky for you, this kit provides you with awesome accessories to easily and comfortably carry tools on your belt. The Unger Ninja BOAB will keep all of your tools ready to use without hanging too low and inconveniencing you. It holds 1/2 quart of cleaning solution or 2 Squeegees, a Stripwasher, and a Scraper. It also includes a rubber protector to keep your blades from scuffing and a detachable clip for easy removal. Even though this BOAB will carry a scraper, you'll never have to worry about losing your scraper with the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper Combo. This awesome set easily attaches to your work belt and securely clips the scraper in place. The Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper is comfortable, nicely weighted, and has the ability to change from 0° straight to 30° angled. There is no other scraper on the market like it!

Moerman Side-Kit

A good way to stay organized at your hip is the Moerman Side-Kit. This handy pouch is like your own personal coordinator at your hip, keeping you prepared while looking professional. It features three divided compartments, side pockets, a back zipper pocket, a magnetic front flap, and detachable clips. Carry towels, a drink, pens, business cards, a cell phone, or whatever else you might need for jobs and personal use. 

Unger Sprayer On A Belt and Squeegee Life Towels

For touching up or using solutions in smaller areas, save time with the Unger Sprayer On A Belt. This convenient sprayer sits comfortably on your belt transferring weight away from your back and shoulders. It features a flexible hose that extends up to 3-feet. Use your super absorbent Squeegee Life Towels for detailing finished jobs around frames. These vibrant orange towels have a unique waffle wave making them perfect for absorbing drips.

Now that you know what's included in this complete kit, check out Joshua The Window Cleaner on YouTube!


  • XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0 - Blue 12 Foot
  • Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handle - 40°
  • Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handle - 30°
  • Unger ErgoTec Ninja T-Bar - 18 Inch
  • Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper Combo
  • Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt
  • Unger Sprayer on a Belt
  • Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve - 18 Inch
  • Pulex Bucket Set - Black and Blue
  • Moerman Side-Kit  
  • Sorbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel - 14 Inch
  • Sorbo Red White and Blue Channel - 18 Inch
  • Maykker Handy Sleeve Complete - 6 Inch (Temporary Substitution in kit for Pulex Swivel T-Bar 6-Inch)
  • Maykker Trident Belt - XL to XXL
  • Squeegee Life Towel - 12 Pack

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