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About the High Dusting Kit

Dust like you've never dusted before with this High Dusting Kit! Featuring three different types of dusters you need to take your dusting game to another level...literally!

Unger Pro Ceiling Fan Duster

When it comes to cleaning your fan, it doesn't get any easier than with the Unger Pro Ceiling Fan Duster. This Microfiber duster makes it super easy, even for the newer wider-bladed fans. It can also be used to clean vents as well. The microfiber sleeve is removable and machine washable.

Ettore Elite Cobweb Duster

Easily clean corners, lamps, window screens, and more with the Ettore Elite Cobweb Duster. It is designed for professionals to wipe away dust and cobwebs quickly and easily through electrostatic action and soft split-tip bristles. Use it by hand or attach it to your Ettore REA-C-H extension pole using the click-lock feature giving it a secure fit to reach up high with ease.

Unger Lambs Wool Duster

The Unger Lambs Woold Duster is a great handle for dust removal. It attaches to any Unger Cone or Standard ACME Thread. Use it for easy removal of dust from shelves and more!


  • Unger Pro Ceiling Fan Duster
  • Ettore Elite Cobweb Dusters
  • Unger Lambs Wool Duster



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