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Backflip Boys

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About the Backflip Boys Storefront Destroyer Kit

The Backflip Boys are hooking you up with their Storefront Destroyer kit. Less is more when it comes to this set. Use this set to get yourself started on your storefront route. The Aztec Samurai BoaB can hook right to your new World Enterprises Tool Belt. Both the belt and the Samurai are detachable for quick set up. The Aztec Samurai BoaB features a removable partition that keeps your squeegees and scrubbers separate. Because the partition can come out, you can clean it easily. The other great feature of this BoaB is that it is designed to hold specialty tools and extra-long squeegees. Got a super thick mop? No problem, it still fits so you can grow this kit as you acquire new tools.

The heart of this is the Ettore Stainless Steel Backflip. A squeegee, scrubber, and one-pass tool, all in one! The BackFlip Boys love these tools, if you couldn't guess by the name, and want you to too! The super absorbent Golden Glove sleeve sucks up the soap for a great scrub on the glass. The stainless steel channel lets you squeegee off windows quickly. Configure this tool in the set up you want or use the tools separately. Great to use by hand or even on a pole if you add one to your set up.

Destroy those storefronts with this kit by the Backflip Boys.

Kit Contents:

  • Aztec Samurai BOAB - Black
  • World Enterprises Tool Belt
  • Ettore Stainless Steel Backflip - 18 Inch

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