Pro H2Pro Max Cart 110v Electric Pump

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The commercial grade H2Pro Max Cart will produce either RO or DI water on-demand for your water fed pole.

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The H2Pro Max Cart is a commercial grade water purification unit offering amazing performance in a compact form. Get on-demand water production for your water fed pole. When water pressure is low, use the commercial pump for a boost in PSI. This cart can produce RO or DI water for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces.

RO Water can be used on shiny, non-glass surfaces like on cars, polished granite, awnings, etc. When you will be cleaning window glass, utilize the DI Resin to bring the RO water below 10 TDS for a spot-free finish. Each cart comes with the 30-Inch Carbon Filter with replaceable filter insert, the 40-Inch Reverse Osmosis Membrane, and the 30-Inch Deionization Filter with replaceable filter insert. All the filters are easy to replace to keep your system running efficiently. This cart also has a 110v Vane pump for high-capacity with pressure regulator and wheels for portability.

It weighs 130 lbs dry.

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