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Window Cleaning Resource
Window Cleaning Resource has partnered with Resolve
to offer terms for your purchases
Buy now, pay later
Hassle-free terms for your purchases
Quick and easy signup
1 minute to sign up,
same-day approval
Supplier line of credit
Purchase up to $50,000 each month
with your dedicated charge account
Safe and secure
Authorized buyers can purchase anytime
without sharing card numbers
How it works
Terms in just 3 easy steps
Get approved
Apply for business credit,
no personal info needed
Purchase with terms
Select Resolve at checkout
or mention it to your sales rep
Pay balance later
Pay by the 30th day
after purchase
Frequently asked questions
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What is Resolve?
Window Cleaning Resource and Resolve have teamed up to offer hassle-free terms for your purchase, allowing you to buy now and pay later. Resolve oversees the payment terms program and is responsible for its billing and collections.
How does Net 30 work?
Payment is due by the 30th day after your purchase date.
Who do I pay for my purchases?
Since Resolve pays the merchant on your behalf, we’ll send you a billing statement to settle the balance on your charge account. Payments are due to Resolve and can be paid by bank transfer or check.
How much does it cost to use Resolve?
There aren’t any fees if the full balance is paid on time. Late payments incur a 1.5% finance charge and a $29.00 late fee for each billing period it is past due.
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Window Cleaning Resource has partnered with Resolve to offer Net 30 terms for your purchases