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Moerman proudly introduces the new Snapper Squeegee Handle, designed with comfort and precise handling in mind. Save time with this lightweight squeegee that works to reach into corners and edges to remove water residue so you can cut back on detailing with a towel. This limited-edition kit includes the exclusive Snapper Handle, and two Liquidator 2.0 Channels, 10" and 14".

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Meet JACK Moerman. Jack was tired of always having to detail the edges of windows after he had soaped and squeegeed them. The long, tedious days and shoulder fatigue left him thinking there had to be a better way to get that perfect clean. So Jack met with Moerman Engineers to develop the brand new Snapper Squeegee Handle based on Moerman's EASE principle; efficiency, amazing results, safety, and ergonomics. Now Jack saves up to 25% of his time letting him take on bigger jobs and make more money. After testing and approval by other professionals, Jack and Moerman are ready to introduce the exceptional Snapper Handle.

The Snapper is a premium, bi-component squeegee handle with the newly developed locking system designed to perfectly hold the Liquidator 2.0 Channel and rubber in place. The ergonomically formed handle provides a natural grip for precise and comfortable use all day long. A built-in attachment point allows it to be used with your favorite lanyard. Dropping your squeegee is so last year. The Snapper Handle is only available in this game-changing kit that includes two Liquidator 2.0 Channels.

Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Channels are unlike any others on the market. Built with tough end clips crafted from industrial grade plastic, they are friction resistant while still being gentle on window frames. The specially designed ends work to eliminate water residue left in corners and on edges. Now Jack doesn't have to detail with his microfiber towel, reaching and straining on precarious ladders. This lightweight channel practically glides like air over the glass saving stress on your arms and shoulders. This set includes the 10-Inch and 14-Inch sizes so you can choose the right one for precise squeegeeing on the job.

Be like Jack. Save time. Make more money. Get this limited edition kit before it's gone and start using the Snapper Handle today. You'll also gain access to the new Moerman Online Experience with exclusive content. Enter Jack's World to discover tips and tricks for a faster, more superior clean. Connect with other Moerman users and more. You'll even get the chance to win free Moerman Tools for life, up to $250 a year! 

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