EDDM Direct Mail Guide

Complete instructions - How to Launch Your First EDDM Campaign
What Is EDDM?


EDDM stands for “Every Door Direct Mail,” a program run by the US Postal Service. It allows you to mail large volumes of big postcards for an affordable price. The best part is that you don’t have to mail to the whole zip code at once to get the volume discount.

How does it work?


Every zip code has different routes within it, and every address in a zip code gets assigned to one of the routes. The post office uses these routes to process and deliver all the mail that goes through the system.


When you mail someone a letter, it goes to the post office and gets sorted into a route. The address on it dictates what route it goes into. A route is a subsection of a zip code based on location. The post office breaks a zip code into these separate routes for efficiency purposes.


The EDDM program reveals to you on a map the locations of these different routes. Using the website, you can see what street gets tagged to what route. The program then allows you to mail to the individual routes one at a time or in groups for a discounted price.



We can segment in and mail to only the most desirable areas or routes within any given town. You can hit all the best areas and exclude the undesirable ones. You can cherry-pick the routes with the awesome houses and omit the ones with the apartments and low property values.

9 Essential Steps to the Perfect EDDM Campaign

A complete walkthrough of the entire process.

Budget and Repetition

How much to spend and how often to mail.

Prepare Your Plan

How many to send and the best frequency.

Delivery Day

Your semiflexible weekly delivery day.


Focus in and how to pick the best areas.

Ordering Your Card

Options, mailing area, and indicia information.

Analyze and Review

Watch the numbers, and analyze the results.

Select Your Piece

Size regulations, and picking the perfect card.

Complete Your Order

Save the order, and complete the transaction.

Rinse and Repeat

Streamline, document and automate.

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When done right, EDDM can be your company’s number one money-making system.

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