LTWC The "Bees Knees" Pro Kit

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This kit is the Bee's Knees! As proclaimed by Luke the Window Cleaner who made sure to pick the best products for this comprehensive waterfed kit. 

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Already know waterfed cleaning is the way to go? Then check out the Bee's Knees Kit created by Luke the Window Cleaner! The most important tool to a waterfed cleaner is his purification system and Luke didn't skimp. The XERO Pure system is reliable, durable, and easy to use. It utilizes three stages of purification to create pure water, even in areas of hard water. The XERO Pure can be set to operate as an RO/DI, RO, or DI only system depending on the needs of your job. This lightweight system has convenient wheels for easy transportation and can operate either standing up or laying down. What good is a system without a brush and a pole to reach the windows? Luke made sure to add the highest quality XERO Pole in the form of the XERO Ultimate 40-Foot Pole. This ultra stiff pole is made from hi-modulus carbon fiber. Use the included 12-Inch Nylon Dual Trim Tucker Brush with two pencil jets and two fan jets to make quick work of dirty windows. Also included is 100-feet of hose to attach your pole to the XERO Pure and allow you to maneuver to multiple windows without having to move your system. The Aqua-Dapter Exceed UniValve is a simple on/off valve that sits in your pole allowing you to save water by turning off the supply when you don't need it. The XERO Multi-Tool Bronze Wool Pad Holder fits onto your angle adapter opposite your brush to scrub away even the toughest built up grime like bird droppings and sap. Make the move to waterfed cleaning or upgrade your current setup with this great selection of products put together by Luke the Window Cleaner. 

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