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  1. IPC Eagle RO Protect
    IPC Eagle RO Protect
  2. IPC Eagle HydroTube Filter Set
    IPC Eagle HydroTube Filter Set

    Starting at $60.77

  3. IPC Eagle Snap Ring
    IPC Eagle Snap Ring
  4. IPC Eagle Tank Connection Kit
    IPC Eagle Tank Connection Kit

    Starting at $284.00

  5. IPC Eagle Chemical Kit
    IPC Eagle Chemical Kit
  6. IPC Eagle Cleano Green Spot Pad
    IPC Eagle Cleano Green Spot Pad

    Starting at $5.15

  7. IPC Eagle Replacement Head for Cleano
    IPC Eagle Replacement Head for Cleano

    Starting at $16.41

  8. IPC Eagle Coloured Soft Pad
    IPC Eagle Coloured Soft Pad

    Starting at $7.73

  9. IPC Eagle Loop Pad
    IPC Eagle Loop Pad
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IPC Eagle, a member of the IPC (Integrated Professional Cleaning) Group, is a leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment and tools throughout the world. IPC Eagle offers a full product line of janitorial equipment that includes window cleaning tools, pure water cleaning systems, squeegees, and screen washers, as well as automatic scrubbers, vacuum sweepers, carpet extractors, pressure washers, and more.

IPC Eagle’s traditional window cleaning tools fall under the IPC Pulex line, and WCR carries a variety of IPC Pulex tools. Additionally, WCR carries a number of IPC Eagle window cleaning tools, equipment and accessories. Some of our more popular items are:

Pure Water Cleaning Systems: IPC Eagle’s Ultra Pure System has the unique ability to produce a high volume of water using normal tap pressures. The reverse osmosis and deionization process generates mineral-free water and incredible cleaning action for spot-free windows. IPC Eagle’s Ultra Pure System is available in a variety of configurations, allowing you to find the right size for the job.

First, the Hydro Tube is a lightweight, durable system that comes with a hand-held TDS meter and is able to be wheeled most anywhere. Weighing in at just 28lbs, the HydroTube is easy to lift in and out of a truck or van. The HydroTube works with a waterfed pole for reaching heights up to three stories without a pump. The filters are easy to change and require no tools. The HydroTube runs one pole at a time and can be used upright or laying down. It comes with 50' of hose, one entire filter setup, one sediment filter, one carbon filter, one DI filter, and one RO Membrane. Replacement filters and membranes available in the Filters section of the store.

Another option is the Hydro Cart, a compact and portable 4-stage filtration system. Weighing 55 pounds, the Hydro Cart includes reverse osmosis and de-ionization process to produce mineral-free water for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows. The modular system is easily moved in and out of vehicles, up and down stairs, and across any terrain, and allows for safe window cleaning from the ground using waterfed poles. It comes with 100' of hose.

A larger option is the Hydro Station, a 4 stage filtration system capable of producing large amounts of purified water even in remote locations. A number of variations of this system are available for any purified water cleaning application. The Hydro Station can be mounted in an open or enclosed trailer or in the rear of a pickup truck.

The IPC Eagle automated HighRise™: This completely self-contained, self-climbing window cleaning system is an amazingly fast and safe way to clean many multi-story buildings. The unit can be easily operated via wireless remote control from existing roof rigs, davit arms, roof cars or portable rigs. Patented raindrop nozzles create large droplets of deionized water. The HighRise™ easily travels up and down the building on a guide wire while the unit’s unique “Sky Thruster” provides even pressure against the building to maintain consistent cleaning. A 6500 watt generator is needed to power the high rise unit and a 1,000lb roof rig is needed to support it.

The IPC Eagle Screen Washer II is a compact, simple, and easy-to-use system for thoroughly cleaning screens and frames using chemical free water. The portable, durable design is built to last, and virtually eliminates screen damage caused by traditional cleaning methods. The new foot valve provides hands-free operation to control the water flow to the spray nozzle between screen cleanings.

Additionally, WCR carries a variety of IPC pumps/delivery systems, waterfed accessories, and add-ons.

IPC Eagle values customer loyalty which is why it created a dedicated tech support team, a sales school, and a technical training school to help window cleaning enthusiasts and business owners succeed.

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