IPC Eagle HydroTube

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The HydroTube is a lightweight, durable Pure Water System comes with a handheld TDS meter, and can be wheeled most anywhere.

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IPC Eagle HydroTube is a lightweight, durable system that comes with a handheld TDS meter and is able to be wheeled most anywhere. Weighing in at 28lbs, the HydroTube is easy to lift in and out of a truck or van. It's extremely compact and portable due to its large rear wheels and lightweight frame. Rolls effortlessly on sidewalks, grass and any other terrain.

Not only does the HydroTube work with a Waterfed Pole for heights up to 3 stories without a pump, but it also works on tap pressure only. The filters are easy to change and require no tools. The HydroTube runs one pole at a time and can be used upright or laying down. It comes with 50' of hose, one entire filter setup, one sediment filter, one carbon filter, one DI filter, and one RO Membrane. Replacement filters and membranes available in the Filters section of the store.

Dimentions: 57 X 13 X 11 in

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