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The HydroBox is a reverse osmosis, pure water system in a conveniently compact shell for easy transportation in your work vehicle.

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The newly released Hydrobox from Hydrosphere Innovations is a compact pure water RO/DI system. This system has the main components tucked inside a sturdy aluminum shell protecting the filters and fittings from abuse in transport.

A lift handle on each side makes it simple to load and unload the Hydrobox in and out of your work truck. The pull handle on the box allows you to move it around a job site easily. Then you can push the handle back down so it's out of your way while you work. The two sturdy wheels on the back side of the box make maneuvering it a breeze. Once you get on location, place the Hyrdobox on a flat surface for optimal use.

Useful features include a pressure gauge for the incoming water as well as a dual TDS meter so you can monitor the TDS levels. Check the incoming and output water to see if your filters are working at their peak performance. Two large dials allow you to choose to run only the RO Membranes when the incoming TDS is low or if you don't need entirely pure water such as when you're just cleaning solar panels. You can prefer to run RO/DI for that final polish to get your water pure enough for window cleaning.

Inside the Hydrobox is a carbon/sediment filter for removing large particles, debris, and chlorine before the water gets to the two 21-inch RO Membranes. After running through the RO, some water will go out the waste valve and the rest will go either to your hose or into the DI filter depending on where you have the dials set. The DI filter works to remove the rest of the impurities so you can get a spotless clean on windows.

Simply connect a 5/8" or larger garden hose to the brass inlet on the back of the box and a pure water hose to the outlet side to get your system set up. The easy to maintain filters come with a filter wrench for quick removal. The Carbon/Sediment filter should be changed out every 2 to 3 months with daily use of the system. The RO Membranes can last years with proper care, but when it is time to change them, a drain valve at the base of the housings allows you to effortlessly drain them of water. The DI filter can be refilled with resin when you notice that your TDS is no longer falling under 10 ppm.

This convenient box uses reverse osmosis to purify water for window cleaning. Check it out today and talk to one of our product specialists to learn if it's the right choice for you!

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