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Free 252 Page Print Book: Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint
The step-by-step guide to marketing your business
What is this book about?
The Marketing Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to creating and improving the marketing of your window cleaning business. This is the ultimate blueprint that shows you how to fill your schedule with more jobs than you can handle. Full details on what methods worked and what didn’t. 

This book is for anyone in the window cleaning business looking to make more money in less time. It doesn’t matter if you have a new company, or an old company, a small business or big business. This is the instruction manual your business has been waiting for. I hold your hand and walk you through over 100 different marketing methods I used with success.
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The step-by-step guide to improving the marketing of your window cleaning business
"In truth, if you buy, and apply this one book you don’t need any others, and you will build a successful window cleaning company. I don’t want to over hype the book. Much of the advice is simple and straightforward, and to the untrained eye one may not at first realize what gems are being given. The magic in this book is in the implementation."

What Other Window Cleaners Are Saying:
"There is something for everyone in this book! Even as a seasoned pro, I picked up a lot of solid information and new ideas to implement. Chris did a great job pouring out his experience into these pages. I would DEFINITELY recommend reading it."

"I must admit I bought the book a while back for the full price and it has been worth every single dime so for just $9.99 for shipping I'm buying another copy to keep in my truck to read. Great job you desereve to make a mint from the sale of this book. I love it."

"Imagine sitting down with someone who built a turn key very profitable multi-million dollar window cleaning business, and having them tell you step by step everything they did, and how you can do it to. What would a session like that be worth to you? This is even better than a session like that, because time and effort have been taken to make sure every detail you'll need to do what he did is written down systematically. "

"This book is the ultimate marketing resource for anyone with a window washing, power washing, or roof cleaning business. Chris offers more than 140 proven marketing strategies that are proven to grow your business and bottom line. I devoured this book in one sitting, but definitely plan to re-read it as I work on implementing some of the different strategies. I really like how the book is organized and how real-world examples and documentation are provided. I purchased the upgrade too, which includes all of the documents, templates, and files needed to implement many of the marketing campaigns."
Here's What You'll Learn From The Marketing Blueprint:
  • MARKET RESEARCH - I take you on an in-depth assessment of your local market. Together we determine the absolute best places for you to focus your attention and money.
  • BEST PRACTISES - I go over 21 best practices guaranteed to improve your business. 15 years worth of lessons and insights jammed into one chapter.
  • WHERE TO START - I give you the tools to tie all the concepts together and help you decide where to start. Marketing budget and calendar included.
  • THE PHONE - The most underutilized marketing method in most companies. Learn how to systemize your phone sales and start closing more jobs today.
  • WEBSITE BASICS - You’re home base and the center of all your company’s campaigns. A brief overview of what to look for and how to approach it.
  • WEBSITE ADVANCED - Advanced web tactics and tools to enhance your web presence. Ongoing content creation, essential tools, onsite SEO and more.
  • EMAIL MARKETING - Everything you need to know about email campaigns. Learn how to grow your lists, set up your first email and send out your campaign.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - We live in a digital age. Learn where to focus, what to say and how to do it. We cover the top networks and help you determine how to spend your time.
  • REVIEW MARKETING - Leverage reviews to accelerate your growth. Learn how to control the conversation, how to get more reviews and where to use them.
  • PAID ONLINE WEB TRAFFIC -  Find out how it works, when to set it up, and how to determine if it’s right for you. We dig into Facebook, Google, and some other options.
  • TRANSACTIONAL PAPERWORK - I show you how to use any transaction or interaction with a customer as an opportunity to continually market your services.
  • DOOR HANGERS & FLYERS - Find out about the testing and measuring advantage. We cover how to create them, where to leave them, how to distribute them and more.
  • NEWSPAPERS / PHONE BOOKS - Despite many marketing methods have moved online, print is still effective. I walk you through solutions that can be successful for your business.
  • POSTCARDS - One of the easiest, most affordable ways to get clients and prospectives to take action. Learn frequency, timing, design, and efficiency.
  • EDDM - A step-by-step guide to doing EDDM the right way. Learn exactly how to level the playing field and get in front of your most desired clients.
  • SALES LETTERS - Learn about this simple, cost-effective mailing solution. Perfect for new customer acquisition or to squeak into exclusive neighborhoods.