We are excited to introduce the new Facelift Phantom Waterfed Poles to Shop WCR! Currently manufactured by Window Cleaning Warehouse and Exceed Innovations, the company that brought you the Uni-valve!

The Facelift brand is no stranger to the Waterfed Pole industry. Window cleaners have enjoyed the Facelift Phoenix X as well as the Facelift Phoenix Pro for many years. Also available on the market is a series of Facelift Purification Systems such as the Facelift Compact Van Mount of Phoenix Van Mount, both intended for smaller work vans or trucks where space is premium.

New for 2018 and shaking up the Waterfed Pole scene is the Facelift Phantom Waterfed Pole. These telescopic poles start at 18 feet and can be purchased up to 40 feet. Collapsed they measure between 60″ and 70″ for easy storage and transportation.

We’re really excited about this pole. They feature a cutting-edge clamping system and second to none on quality and rigidity. Choose between Hybrid, Carbon Fiber and HiMod. Learn all about it below!

Facelift Phantom Pole

The main feature we want to talk about on the Facelift Phantom is the clamps. Man, you are going to love these!

The unique clamping system provides all over pressure to the interior section with the use of rubber on the inside. From a user standpoint, this means no more slipping sections while you’re using it and no more damage to sections from overtight clamps biting into the material. Less fatigue and damage to the clamp areas means your pole will last longer and be less prone to cracking or breaking at connection points.

The clamps are bolted on instead of glued and designed so they can’t be inadvertently over or under tightened. Easy to adjust and super smooth. The levers can even be flipped to open from either side and each component of the clamp is fully replaceable. This clamping system is really awesome and provides a great user experience.

Facelift Phantom Clamps

The Facelift Phantom comes in three different materials:

Hybrid – Affordable poles and great for occasional use! The Hybrid version uses a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass to create this affordable and durable pole. Available in a range of sizes from 18 feet to 35 feet. Learn more!

Carbon Fiber – Sanded 3K Carbon Fiber – amazing! Rigid and incredibly smooth. Same high-quality clamping system that cuts down on pole spinning. Carbon Fiber is always our most popular seller! Available in a range of sizes from 18 to 40 feet. Learn more!

Hi-Mod Carbon Fiber – Lightweight and extremely rigid. This is an owner/operator pole for sure. Paired with a premium Tucker Brush. Not cheap but super high-quality! When you need a go-to pole you will be using daily this is a great option. HiMod Carbon Fiber is even more durable than standard carbon fiber making this pole the perfect option for daily users. Available in a range of sizes from 18 to 40 feet. Learn more!