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The updated Aquaclean Cart from Ettore uses three stages of filters to produce 99% pure water to easily clean windows with your water fed pole.

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The engineers at Ettore made a massive update to the Aquaclean Cart. This safer, faster, and more eco-friendly system can produce Pure Water for use up to 3 stories high.

The cart uses a 3-stage system that includes a Carbon pre-filter, a Reverse Osmosis membrane, and a De-Ionization cartridge to remove impurities from your source water. The pre-filter begins the anti-scaling process and removes chlorine from the water. The RO membrane then separates the water from the dissolved solids removing up to 95% of the contaminants. The DI filter eliminates the remaining impurities to make the water up to 99.99% pure. The 3-stage system requires the least amount of filter replacements than anything else on the market.

This system is durable enough to be used every day. It's perfect for use in hard water areas. Rugged tires on the cart easily traverse rough terrain at job locations.

Variations include a booster pump for when you need to reach higher or run multiple poles. Add on a hose reel to keep your hose organized and readily available on the job. The reel includes 100 feet of hose so you can easily maneuver around the job site without having to move your system constantly. The Aquaclean Cart from Ettore is a great option for your pure water needs.

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