Zero detailing Unger ninja!



Whaaa? I haven’t watched the video yet but I’m going to go ahead and call it witchcraft.


Okay that’s cheating. But that would work. I thought you were going to teach us how to zero detail with those huge nobbies on the end.

The most amazing video I had ever seen from polznblades was him using the ninja like a boss.

The funny thing is that I don’t think the ninja boab was actually designed with the ninja squeegee in mind. There’s some measurements that don’t line up. They probably just said make a big honkin area for the nobby but that’s not the same as designing for it.

Oh the samurai IS designed for it. Wink wink


…or do this mod in 10 sec.:grin:


@Gm500 do you have problems with the paper clip staying in?


I tried it out after I watched the Video from Trad-man. It was just an idea, but the result was zero-detailing. Tomorrow I put the paperclips in different position, we will see how it works…


I’ll give it shot to, I’m pretty good at zero detail with the ninja already, but do see how the paper clips would help.


Is that the 30 degree handle? Do you prefer it over the 40?


Its a 30 degree handle…but again, it was just an idea , I never really used it. If I need a Zero-d. Tool, I use the Liquidator 2.0 and when it’s not possible to use it I do detail (detailing is not a crime😁).It was fun to see how easy it is to make a ZDTool…cause I don’t use saw or hammer on my tools. I use them how the are built and they work.


That’s awesome.

I would cut paper clips and use them as sorbo clips. If I had a sorbo with two clips and I took them out to change the rubber, I’d have a sorbo with one clip. So I’d always carry a package of paper clips (cut in half) and use them. But this is a better solution for the ninja.


Exactly. There’s no way I am using a saw on my beautiful Ninja 26" storefront stormer.


All the cool kids are doing it. C’mon. It’s fun!


GH[quote=“JaredAI, post:12, topic:45947”]
C’mon. It’s fun!

I sell the service of cleaning frames and sills with windows whether WFP or squeegee so zero detail (aka ‘leaving frames untouched’) is of no interest to me. If on top of that my bright metal hacksawed and bent ended channel is seen from the customer’s side while I also merrily stop short of the frame with my mop just in case I have to ‘detail’ I would expect to be sacked.

Whatever, I am assuming TradMan is just making a point tongue in cheek ‘buy a Moerman, they come pre dog eared’ and ‘when windows are cleaned every 4-6 weeks the frames are quite clean already.’ I dont think he is saying other squeegees are so trash that chopping them up is a non issue.


Hey bud, there is a couple of points you made that are not quite right. Zero detailing doesn’t mean not soap’n up the entire window. Zero detailing means that after the whole window is covered with solution, the squeegee takes all the solution off the glass without having to use a smooth microfibre or scrim to wipe left over solution on the glass. This doesn’t mean the frames don’t get cleaned. As for the customer seeing the tool that wouldn’t happen for a couple of reasons. 1. They would be inside and only see rubber and a bit of a handle that’s visible. 2. The alterations are quite small so even if they were outside they would not see your tiny mod on the squeegee. 3. They don’t care how your squeegee looks, I’ve never in 11 years had anyone comment on the look of any squeegee lol they simply don’t care how your squeegee looks.



There are many other ways of getting the Dog-eared effect on you squeegees channels other then what you have shown without cutting and bending the channel.


Yes there are but that would be a very long video!


Did the method i did achieve zero detailing… yes, did it take only 10 mins and use only a couple of tools… yes, can someone with little diy skill do it… yes, did what i set out to do which was showing “a” method of getting zero detailing work… yes… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


It was a good video and informative. I do have to add one comment though, doing these types of mods to channels does improve the efficiency, if you are careless or drop your tools frequently these mods will likely be knocked out of their specific alignment making them inefficient.

If you mod tool like this don’t drop them :wink:


Totally agree


In this mod why is it necessary to bend end forward .
This would wear the ends of the squeegee rubber. Quicker.