Your opinion is needed on which classified ad to run


I need your opinion. I’m getting ready to place an ad for window cleaning in the Senior Sampler newspaper (weekly, local directed at seniors) There are already 3 window cleaners advertising there, so my ad needs to “beat the competition”. Which of the three following ads do you like the best? If you have time could you tell me what you like about the ad you chose? Have an idea for an even better ad? Let me know. Thanks! Don

  1. AWESOME WINDOW CLEANING! Get our super window cleaning for only $5 per window cleaned inside, outside plus screens. We call this, “Your husband will have to stop walking around the house in his underwear because now the neighbors can see in!” window cleaning. All work always 100% guaranteed. Five day rain re-clean guarantee. You’ll love our work! Don 435-87-1239

  2. AWESOME WINDOW CLEANING! Always 100% guaranteed. Senior discount available. We provide affordable, reliable and experienced window cleaning. We use tried and trusted traditional cleaning methods. Five day rain re-clean guarantee. You’ll love our work! Don 435-87-1239

  3. SUPER CLEAN WINDOWS FOR YOUR HOME. You get affordable, reliable, 100% guaranteed window cleaning. Free quotes. Senior discount of 10% off our regular prices. Five day rain re-clean guarantee. You’ll love our work! Don 435-87-1239


#4 - Residential Window Cleaning - Spring Special _20 windows for $X
Satisfaction Guaranteed - Affordable, on-time service, 5 day rain guarantee - Pricing includes inside / outside / tracks and screens.
Don’t wait as our schedule fills quickly ! Call Don today 435-87-1239.

I hate superlatives…Super-Awesome are hype words and I feel hype is unprofessional.
Don’t give price per window or pane.
Do you really charge 5/window? or is it per pane?


Your ad is “awesome”. I do really like it. I am going to test run your ad and test one of my modified ads later. I want to see what pulls in better response. Thanks for your input.

Yes, $5 per window. I just started this business in January. I will raise prices as my business grows. Even at that price I make $35 to $45/ hour, so I’m happy.


I’m on my phone and don’t know how to link another topic. But your prices are less than half of most of the guys here.
As a business $35 am hour after you deduct business expenses could be half if that depending on the amount of work you have.
Then offering a further 10% off, seems to me that you are leaving a lot of money on the table.


@Steve076 is this the link your trying to share.


this is a bad idea


I like this ad, but I would also add something to put them at EASE. If you background check employees, you should mention it. It builds trust.

Not everyone in service businesses do that, and it’s just something extra to set yourself apart from others. Letting someone into your home, that’s something people want peace of mind about.


Advice…get your rate closer to whatever the going rate is there… Really, if you are doing a good job, most folks will pay the going rate, they don’t really care how long it takes you.


I like #3

Simple and to the point, less confusing for seniors.

#1 - Price per window is cheap IMO. I am just starting out too, but I would charge that much for just the outside and screen (inside would be 150% of the outside cost for my quotes because of time to be careful and liability (I don’t want to do insides so I will over price that :wink: so I would come in at 7.50 for inside making 12.50 per window for everything) ) I think seniors may want to be frugal and independent, so the insides they may want to tackle themselves since they would have more security not letting a stranger in their home. However, the outside is not floor level and climbing ladders at their age could be dangerous, so outside only may appeal to seniors,

Not trying to tell you what your pricing should be, just what I am going to do. Lots of sound advice here in the forums from the experts, so I will be taking a lot from this thread,

#2 - with a 100% guarantee do we really need to say anything about the tried and true methods used. That goes without saying if you are offering a 100% guarantee.

Again, I like #3 the best.