Your first WFP


How far into the window cleaning business where you when you bought your first water fed pole?

Knowing what you know now, what would you change or do different.

I am new to the window cleaning industry and have been trying to educate myself on everything, including WFP.

It is definitely a investment but it sounds like it’s one that pays off rather quickly. I know there’s lot of variables but I am contemplating wether I should get one and then which one to get.

Part of me wants to get the most affordable one I can get and then part of me is saying, make sure you get a good setup so you don’t have to upgrade soon after.

I am sure others where in my position at one point so I am hoping to get insight from their experience.


Probably 3-4 months in. I started in October really didn’t need one till spring but I knew I wanted one because I had used one with the company I had worked for before. Started with a 27’ clx from Gardiner. I had used a 40’ Tucker with the other company and knew I didn’t want that. Also had used a 60’ modular which is the lightest and most rigid pole ever, but unfortunately probably the most fragile. Also quite out of my price range when starting my business. So I used the CLX for 3-4 years and then went to a ReachIt Pro when WCR was selling them. A definite upscale in rigiidity. After several years with that one, I realized my life would be easier with a shorter pole, (the RI is about 6.5 ’ closed) since I do mostly residential. I recently picked up a a short Simpole
( 5’ closed) and it’s hi-mod carbon fiber, it fit the bill for me perfect, short and rigid too. It also fits onto my RI extensions, which is very handy.


I am in Texas, North East Texas to be exact.

I have never used one so I am trying to calculate how much time it would save me aka how much more efficient will I become so I can make more $$$$.


The old school gold beast!:sunglasses:


In general I would say it cuts my exterior time in half. That’s if the alternative is a ladder. And there are variables such as landscape, screens, and window grunge. On ground level not as much time is saved but I still use it a lot even for single story homes. For me at 65, I am more interested in the ease of the work, than how fast I get it done.


The ladder work is the main reason I am considering it and also the shrubs. Just today I have no clue what kind of tree it was but it has thorns and it was literally a pain to clean and 3 windows had said tree type in front and one was almost impossible for me to get with a mop and squeegee.


Trees and shrubs can be a hinderance for wfp and trad.


I bought a WFP and filtration system 2 years in.

Wished I had done it sooner. Would definitely NOT cheap out. Get something that fits your needs and build a budget to buy it, around it.


What’s your opinion on this?


Unger poles would probably be ok, the rest, PASS.

I’d buy the Zero RO/DI, not the Ettore (even though I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I just prefer the Zero style)


I appreciate the reply, I am just learning about WFP and there are so many options it gets confusing lol specially when I have never even seen much less used any system.


Educate yourself very WELL before buying. Get a pole/system that will fit your needs AND be able to grow with you.

IMO, a pole you can add sections to (if you need to in the future) is more valuable than one that you can’t (at any price). It’s much cheaper to add a section then it is to buy a whole new pole when you need an extra story of height.
Stiffness is also important when you get over 2-3 stories. No one likes cleaning with a wet noodle.


Yes sir, that is what I am trying to do.

And agreed lol I am in a smaller metro area in Texas focusing on residential so probably not much over 2 stories but would definitely hate to be in that situation.


After bidding and getting a window job that would be sketchy on a ladder- I purchased a WFP and that one job paid for it, and no ladders! Looking back- I would START with a WFP right away- I see no downside.


I invested in Gardiner Slx 27 pole and twin 8 litre DI system about 15 months after I started. Great investment as it allowed me to do bigger more profitable work in less time . Have had this for three and half years and will be upgrading to a more rigid pole set up later this year. Definitely worth getting the best that you can afford, it will repay itself! Do some research into the poles available to you wherever you happen to be, some good YouTube videos that look at pole stiffness and brush types.


I totally agree with you Matthew, what ever method I use to get the job done efficiently and safely and has less wear on my body, I’m down for it.

It is all about how easy and simplistic you can make the process.


I bought mine after 9 years in. Several reasons why I didn’t jump in and spend the money early, most assuredly one being 4 years ago a severe medical emergency that had me out of commission for the better part of year.
Last year I invested in the Unger Hydropower with 35’ Tucker carbon fiber. The TDS in my area runs about 185+ to 225, so I am kind of on the high end for DI only? Your TDS level will help you to determine whether you should go RO/DI or DI only.
The savings in time and safety of not having to ladder up most two and three story is huge for me. Difficult landscaping to get a ladder in is at times dangerous and difficult, but much easier to squeeze a WFP in makes it a game changer. Screens can mean climbing up anyway, but less often as many windows the screens can be removed from the inside, even ones designed to be remove from the exterior.


What do you folks think about this system?


Definitely like it. Be a sweet deal if you could get it shipped to you for the 1900.


Hard to tell from the picture what all is included. I would expect an itemized list of everything with pictures to match for an actual purchase. You would probably be on the hook for shipping. Or, you up for a road trip? :slight_smile: