Your Favorite Vehicle for your Business


One of our employees was in a collision today. He was fine, but the vehicle was totalled. Which means we need to purchase another vehicle. Just wondering what is your favorite vehicle. We do window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing.


I want this for my work truck.


Scion XB


Route, large commercial, or residential?


Chevy Astro or Ford Ranger


Yep, great vehicle.


What’s your mpg?




I think every window cleaner was sad to see the Astro go.


14.5 to 15.5


I thought they were pretty fuel efficient but that doesn’t seem to impressive


I so would roll with that ride everyday for work. :sunglasses:


Nice! Clean and Sleek!


my service vehicle for many years. complete rebuild did the work on my own. outgrew it and purchased a large stepvan and traded it off for another toy.


Plus ∞. The 1st gen was the best, imho.

The 1st gen Rav4 was a sweet little truck, too. Little more room than an xB, imo, and the awd is nice to have in the snowbelt.

If I needed a larger vehicle, I would try and track down an old turbodiesel Toyota HiAce/TownAce van. The right hand drive would get annoying, but man would it make for a sweet rig.

More modern/realistic options would be the newest Transit Connect, or the Ram ProMaster City.


The real question is, is it better to have a cargo van or a truck?

Quick edit, I know there is another thread about that but it’s not as informative and recent as I’d like


Very much a preference thing. I think vans are usually more practical, personally.


In the past 4 months I’ve had a Transit Connect, a dodge Dakota crew cab and a Chevy Colorado. The van was the most fuel efficient and most practical but terrible for the area I live in. Asheville is full of mountain homes


So what you need is an AWD van. They made some AWD Astros, and if you’re really daring and adventurous, there were some 4WD HiAces, too.


I’ve seen the AWD Astro, I’ve been wondering what the mpg is, I drive 40 miles to get to some of my jobs