Your face on advertising materials


Is it a good idea to have a picture of yourself on business cards, flyers and the like? Please vote and share your thoughts about why or why not.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but no uggos

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It shows confidence. I also believe you gain trust easier. Especially solo guys - it’s like a “pre-face to face introduction” for the customer.


I’m ugly lol so no.

Also another reason is I know I’m selling myself not just services.

That’s why many real estate, lenders, insurance people all have there mugs on their cards.

Many change companies but brand themselves so they take clients with them.

I would think by doin that with service base business might make it harder too sell if needed


Why am i always the odd guy out? I’m ugly too, Maybe I’ll steal a head shot of Brad Pitt or something. Think that’d work?



well im not that ugly am fat though ha


That’s ruff question to answer

  • if your an uggo as you put it Samuel then defiantly no…

  • If you want to eventually be out of the picture (staff,employees etc) then defiantly no…

  • If your attractive to the majority and your really into the solo gig then yes throw a picture of yourself on everything possible…

It helps fills that narcissistic need for attention! :wink:


Business cards, no

Website, yes

You want to portray a positive image of your company. So if you are blessed with good looks I’d say use it to sell your services.

If your a little rough around the edges it would be a no.

Like it or not, first impressions are important and every effort to make them positive would be valuable.


So here’s a question: Let’s say you are reasonably attractive, and have some unique or striking features that grab attention, like @luke and his beard.

Do you think showcasing that feature on advertising materials will help, hurt, or have no effect on your branding/company image in the long run?


I definitely do not look like a male model, but I have my picture on everything. I am a decent looking guy(at least that is what my wife says). I think having my picture on everything has helped me get jobs.
I want my picture to say to potential customers:
“This guy is clean cut and looks trustworthy. I would not have any reservations about having him inside my home.”


No affect in my opinion.

I think marketing personal attributes and appearance for a service business is kinda ridiculous in the whole scheme of things.

I would focus on achievements of the business.




Attributes and appearances change over time, achievements don’t.


It’s all about taking the photograph at the right angle and under the perfect lighting.

happiest day


You need to go see the movie Wonder, you’re not ugly, it’s inside what counts. I know an insurance agent who uses a mug shot from probably 20 years ago, good thing because he is ugly now.


Well if the inside looks at all like the way it smells when it reaches the outside it be ugly in there too lol


If you’re afraid of what you look like when they take your picture, just start some hardcore training. With a lot of hard work, you too can look awesome!


Seems legit. But then you have the awkward problem of identifying yourself when you finally meet the customers.


Just photo shop their windows clean and show up with a bill…


I say no but think it can work. You are the only one that will need to overcome the possible issues that can come up. Like selling your business.


Well then it’s simple. Just sell your face along with the business.