You guys think I am missing anything? Supply check


Question what is that long blue string for? The box is filled with huck towels. Thanks everyone for the inspiration. I was scared as hell going through with this (potentially wasting money) but I’m going to get out there soon. I’m in the process now of getting my logo & business cards made. Then I’ll get some t-shirts/polos. :slight_smile:


The string is to tie your BOAB to your leg so it’s not flopping around (when you are in a house).

You might also want to get a white sleeve if you are doing resi. A sleeve that holds less water is nice inside to avoid slopping so much water around. I like the Unger Ruff face for insides. Nice scrubber strip and doesn’t hold a lot of water = less slop to clean up.

You can make the blue sleeves work, just squeeze out the excess water before going in and keep it running dryer.

You also want some kind of squirt bottle to rewet your mop. I use one all the time unless I need to wash out a sleeve. But it’s IMPORTANT, IMO, for insides. I would NOT take a bucket inside.


I’ll check that one out. I wanna get a small 6 inch sleeve too. I think I’ll need incase of french panes or really small panes.

With the sleeve… it must get real dirty especially if you do exterior & interior. Do you go to a hose bib at certain intervals (or just when it gets disgustingly dirty) & rinse off all the dirt/grime that it collected.

I’m a little confused when to change out water in my bucket, how much water to point in bucket (in you put all 6 gals of water in a 6 gallon bucket. It’s going to get dirty real fast then you have to dump all water out opposed to only putting 1-2 gallons of water in bucket at a time)

Thanks HoosierSqueegee.


For insides I like a water bottle. I would not fill the bucket up 6 gallons will get your shoulders out of socket. Just a gallon or two will work. Once the water gets really dark change it.


Thanks John.


I make THREE gallon batches, not six. I try to avoid dipping the mop in the bucket to keep the water clean. I’ll rinse off a dirty mop under water first, if I can, and wring/shake out the water.

No need to rinse it unless it looks dirty or you get sand in it. The sleeves should be washed with your towels. Never hurts to launder them. Some do it less often than others, but I have quite a few mop covers, so the dirty towels from the job AND the mop , get tossed in the washer.

I use small mesh, laundry type bags for all my dirty towels, pads, and mops. Keeps the dirty stuff organized rather than it getting everywhere or dropping out the door and having to bend over and pick it up.

If you run across outside windows that are THAT dirty to mess your mop up every window/every other, you are better off taking a quick swipe with a soft brush to knock all the dirt off BEFORE you mop up the window. Doing resi, you’ll likely need to do that anyway for the cob webs and leaves.
Pick up a brush like this Libman bench brush. Works great.


Hey Hoosier, thanks for the advice! It is sincerely appreciated. Have a good day.


I keep about 2 gallons in my 3 gallon bucket . My 6 gallon bucket was just too bulky so now I just have it buried away in the garage . I have about 2 gallons of water in the bucket that I use for rinsing the sleeve but I also try to rinse the sleeve throughout the job as described above by @anon82274079. I dab soap onto the mop or I spray soap on the windows, much less work and less waste than using the rinse bucket for getting soap on the mop.


My bucket tool organizer/wraparound bib works great for keeping all the paraphernalia consolidated. It only cost 7 or 8 dollars at the hardware store.


Dang you’ve got a lot of brushed there. Curious what you use the sea sponge for?


Half of that sponge is in the bottom of my Samurai BOAB. It lessens the rattling around of the squeegees and mops.

I haven’t got around to using the other half for detailing as I like to have my detailing scrim draped around my neck or shoulder. I keep my frame wiping rags tucked into my belt loops or tucked under my tendinitis band.

I use wet wipes (or micro fibers/terry cloths once in a while) for tracks. I used to vacuum the tracks but I learned that doing WFP exterior first placed more water in the tracks . This process really helped loosen up the volcanic ash (a very fine silica) and all the airborne clay based dust around here. Additionally, using wet wipes is way more portable than a vacuum.


What kind of parafanelia are you using? Usually I leave that kind of stuff at home and dont tske it to work.:wink:


Normal N2G carry for resi or office interiors: belt w suspenders, Samurai BOAB, 14" Excelerator and a 12" channel or a Wagtail High Flyer (10" or 14") and sometimes my 30" Ninja if there are some big panes, bronze wool 0000, spray bottle, scrim, several frame rags, sometimes a 36" x 8" sill cover towel, and wet wipes.
Storefront: not many accounts so I use what is in the 3 gallon bucket pic plus pole.
Lots of more specialized stuff in my van and lots of backup stuff. Adding tools all the time. Spare stuff and clunky stuff in my garage.