Yesterday's job


Made good money on this one, but the upper windows were SUPER filthy and required nose to glass. Steel wool cut the grime but I had to do each upper window twice in order to get all the junk off. Does anyone have a better way to clean windows that are this dirty quicker? The best way I can describe it is like a film… I suspect it is pollen but I’m not sure.


If you happen to have a wfp a really good Pre scrub helps . I will use a expired resin bag in my under hydro power, just so the water isn’t to hard depending on area your in . Let them drip dry for a bit,
It kinda looks like maybe that’s what you did anyway. I did a few jobs this year that had hot and cold hook ups outside,the warm water really helped.


No wfp around here today but a lot of methanol!


That “film” looks similar to what we call “oxidation” in our circle. By circle I mean our operation here in OK. The chemical we have decided to use is called bar keepers friend. We use the liquid version although the powder and gel work well but they are much messier. spray the window and scrub with steel wool, makes job go by much faster.


Do you have a industrial cleaning sponge in your bucket? You could try hitting it with that first than go with the regular cleaning


I’m gonna have to get one and try it out! Thanks.


I thought today’s 35 degree was cold… stay warm!


This attachment should save you some time.


What an awesome spot for a door…


I never noticed the door there. Definitely don’t ask ask someone that has never been to your house…”Meet me on the upstairs balcony. I will meet you outside in a minute.”