Who would say no ?
BTW … The job Total was 450.00


I like to give a military discount.


Personally, I don’t mind the military discount, out of respect. I prefer to have them mention it up front, not use it as a bargaining chip. It feels disrespectful somehow. Maybe just me,


Ya I agree !! I was a taken back by the request cause we already agreed on a price , then I get this email, but ya know what $50 isn’t goin to make me or beak me.
Plus I respect any one that served our country.


10% discount for military, law enforcement, first responder, cancer survivor (It’s personal).


Kind of wrong on the customers part but I would do it.

$50 is nothing for what they do and we all know the government does not pay them enough while government officials get vested six figure salaries for the remainder of their life.


Myself, I would have said no.
If they wanted the discount, you should ask BEFORE you agree to a price. Secondly, I would be a bit offput (maybe offended) they are offering “cash” like you are some Bob avoiding taxes…

To each their own, but that’s not the way I conduct my business. I have no problem giving a discount for a good reason, but I don’t do it if I feel someone is trying to pull a fast one. I’d definitely want to see a DD214 or current ID.


One can just say I already gave you my best rate

on the cash thing, something I overheard today while working in a dental office is the office lady telling a customer the term cash courtesy (85 instead of 105), which in a medical setting means saving the hassle of medical billing, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. So in that case, cash is a benefit aside from the usual meaning of not reporting on taxes.

so in future a possible reply to “cash?” could be “cash doesn’t have the same benefit to me as it does to a medical office that can save loads of paperwork and staff time” or similar

thus avoiding the whole shyster scenario of not reporting cash and also showing that cash doesn’t have any benefit in time and paperwork savings and coming from it from that angle instead

learned something new today :slight_smile:


Bruce … Trust me I’ve probably said that 20 x already this year. Lol !! She had me at we served. What are ya going to do !! :joy: The bill is 400 plus 8.625%. She can pay cash if she wants.


I just say - “It all goes through my business account, so the price is the price.”


I would very politely say no, and then if they still booked I would do a little extra as a thanks for their service. I dont offer a military discount and not all businesses do, which is fine. I do offer discounts to existing customers that have cancer or those have been with me for awhile that I know can afford my recent price increase. I still make decent money, just not as much. I really dont like how it seemed that they were trying to guilt you to offer a discount for their service.


I hear ya !!!
No big deal to me !!

Like I said 50 don’t make or break me. Is what it is. Bold An presumptuous… yes offending no.
Trust me I’m from the streets I’ve dealt with all kinds. No body gets over on me
It wasn’t a guilted into this. I’m not going to ask for credentials either. If therr Lying for 50 dollars then there losers An karma is a bitch.
I’m still profiting !!

Am I going to go around An give everyone a discount that asks. Hello no !!
I jace a few in me every year , so get me while therr around. Lol :joy:



or “you’re welcome to pay with cash, the total is… (restate original total)”


I would say “the only discount we offer is for quarterly service or monthly service”


Ya that’s good idea for Window clesning
I’ve used that , An still do .

Around here 2x a year for window cleaning is the most people go for
Very rarely will someone do it quarterly