Xero Pure Mounting


Has anybody with a xero pure mounted there system into an enclosed trailer? If so can we see a quick visual? We just purchased an enclosed cargo trailer for our company and want to see the pros/cons of mounting the system with some reels. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any advice.


Too expensive to be lugging around… consider our set up:




When we designed this unit we made it so it can be mounted. There are pre drilled holes just for that. Let me know if I can help.


When I first got my zero pure system I moved it around by hand to each location and that was too much work. I decided to strap it into my van with an incoming water line reel with 100 feet of garden hose and the outgoing waterfed hose on another reel with about 400 total feet of hose. Awesome! I also have a one horsepower pump that I set on the ground outside my van so if there is a blowout of hose that it doesn’t flood my van. I also have an alarm for home water heaters sitting on the floor of the van by the zero pure in case there is a water line break. I got it at Menards. Well worth it. This is a great setup and I can remove it anytime I need it. Like every time the temperatures go to low to prevent freezing.


Not the best picture of my above description but I think you will see the reels and xero pure in there.