Xero pure hose questions


3/8" hose vs 5/16" hose comparison


Here is a water flow calculator for garden hose.:


Here is a chart with more hose diameter sizes.


Very useful video…what would be the i.d. of those hoses 1/4" and 3/16?


Interesting. This has been helpful, thanks guys for all the input. When I started I just bought a brush that looked good and I had 200’ of the air hose on hand so I used it, luckily it all worked out great. Now that I am getting extras and replacements of things I am finding out now somethings that work better than others.
Thanks again


Hoses are measured by inside diameter and tubing by outside I believe.


you wouldn’t think a 1/16" would be that big of a difference.


You, wouldn’t… until you do the math. Calculate the area of a circle 3/16”, then 1/4”.

(3/16” / 2)^2 * pi = 0.0276 sq inch
(1/4” / 2)^2 * pi = 0.0491 sq inch

So that 1/16” results in ~78% more area for water to flow.


Yea I guess the mistake is thinking it is a 25% increase, but considering the circle is expanding and getting wider it make a big difference. Interesting.


You do realize that 5/16 is actually larger than 1/4? So it’s 1/16ths different, but as Jhans pointed out, the one on the far right is measured by outside diameter; the two on left are measured by ID. Big difference indeed


Right the 5/16 is 3/16 id so 1/4 id is 1/16th bigger. Right?


Yes, that’s correct.
We use gardiner all season hose. 8mm od and 5mm id. 5mm = about 1/5 inch.