Xero Oval vs. Xero Ultimate?


I’d love to see a side-by-side stiffness comparison between these two poles.

Also, will 1.25 lbs make that much of a difference? I know it’s ~31% increase in weight from the Ultimate to the XerOval. But you’ve also got the weight of components you can’t do much about, like the brush and tubing.

Lastly, can you attach the Tucker Alpha brush swivel to the Oval gooseneck? What about compatibility with other brushes?

Just trying to decide which will make more sense for me. The Oval pole is very reasonably priced. And I think the shape might be better for managing my RSI issues.

I know that either pole will be a huge upgrade from the monstrosity I used on yesterday’s job, which was a hobbled-together combination of an aging 30’ $imPole, an 11’ Reech-1t XT, and the base section of a M1ni to adapt the two parts together. (Man, am I sore :confounded:)

@John, @Alex

Also, a pro-tip if you’ve read this far:
Don’t overestimate goosenecks. I went with the 18”? Unger multi-link aluminum gooseneck for this job. I did not take into consideration the depth that I would gain from the standard angle adapter and the brush itself, or the fact that the windows didn’t go all the way to the bottom of the sill. So the multi-link gs was way overkill, and I ended up getting by without any extension.


I used both poles extended out at the show. The Ultimate seems more rigid and feels much lighter. The clamps are not as good as the Xero. Yes you can use the Xero Oval socket on a Tucker brush or Unger brush


So just to clarify, the clamps are better on which pole?

Also, it sounds like there’s no way of using the tucker swivel gooseneck? Just have to bolt the oval gooseneck directly to the brush block?


The Xero clamps are a better design and you can not use the swivel gooseneck


The Oval design seems to be in line with the Xero Pro carbon fiber poles in terms of weight and rigidity. The Ultimate is the Hi Modulous carbon fiber so it is a bit lighter and stiffer than the Oval and Pro.


Thanks John. But both poles are Xero Brand. I would assume you’re trying to say that the more expensive Ultimate pole has the better clamps, but wanted to make sure.


Yes the Cero clamps seemed to be better designed. The Xero Oval has not been in the field

Long enough to determine if the clamp is inferior but from my experience looking at it

I am making that assumption. I could be wrong.