Xero 40 Pro problems


Anyone else having problems with the Xero WFP collars coming loose? I have had this happen on 4 different sections. Frustrating when in the middle of cleaning windows. Been using gorilla glue to try and fix it but doesn’t seem to last.


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@chiefwindowcleaners drop me your name and I’ll get that replaced for you today. This is a very uncommon issue where clearly not enough glue was used at the factory. I’d like to get that pole back for examination and get you a new pole.


WOW - As Alex said we will have a brand new 40 shipping out to you today. This is a super rare issue. We see clamp problems like this literally only on 1 pole out of a thousand. It actually appears to be a glue issue.

But either way a brand new pole is coming at you today.


You are not going to find this kind of customer service with any other window cleaning supply company!

WCR customer service is the best.


Thanks! Talking with customer service now.