Wow Factor


I was reading the WCRA marketing blueprint, some really great ideas!

Aside from remembering the dog’s name…
What is something that you do consistently at a job to WOW the client, go above and beyond, and create word of mouth referrals?


I just met a Window and Door installer that has his own logo label on glass cleaner that he leaves behind.


Yeah I’ve looked into that. You can get a private label if you order like sixty cases like 500 cans but it’s only about $1500.

Those are great because no one will throw those away. Unlike pens or other swag.


The door and window guy told me he just orders them by the case.
I’ll have to talk to him again.


Or just get some stickers and wrap it around a can of spray away


The company I work for has glass cleaner with their own labels. We definitely received box loads of it. 60 sounds about right.

They are great, people love them. Labels aren’t always sticking 100 percent but it hasn’t been an issue.

And people buy them as well. It’s good for marketing and for sales :+1: