Would you get this if on the market?


Eliminate: RSI, cramping, numbness, shooting pain in hands, fingers, wrists, forearms, shoulders.
Multi grip swivel squeegee handle.
Easy ability to change many comfortable grips on the handle while using.


I’d certainly be willing to give it a shot.


I think there’s already a thread like this.

It depends on 2 things, how the tool maneuvers and what backs up these statements.


Is it only a free swivel or can it be locked in place, if its the latter yes if not then no.


Does both can be used swivel and do straight pulls without the swivel wobbling side to side.


Sure. Sign me up.


I’m not looking for something to do straight pulls with, I just like my hand tools not swiveling.


OK just saying you can do both without impeding on the swivel motion.