Would I have to have a waterfed pole for these top windows or would a regular pole work?



It depends. How good are you at poling? I could do it with a regular pole but I’ve also done thousands of panes of glass with route work.

If you’re not a ninja with the pole, then you might want to just ladder them. Save you a ton of time.


Well this Job would only be my second time using a pole. I have a gorilla multi position ladder that could get me a lot closer but I would still be using a pole just a lot closer. This place just opened and I want to bid on it tommorow I just want to make sure I can do the job first.


Unless you are set up with an efficient wfp mobile setup, I’d probably be faster just traditional poling these.


You could lean the multi ladder against the awning, assuming the awning is strong enough, it looks strong from here. Climb up and pole the windows with an 8ft or maybe 4ft pole with angle adapter. I have cleaned windows this way. You will need some pole skills. Make sure you can do this safely or else its not worth it.

Also, try to clean the high windows while they are in the shade, this will make it a lot easier.


Angle adapter?



I have an Ettore angle adapter that kind of looks like this. You can attach the top tip to the end of this.


Here is an Unger one if you have an Unger pole.

  1. Don’t use a pole from a ladder. Osha doesn’t like it. I don’t like it. Ladders are not your friends and if they seem nice and easy going, they’re liars.

  2. WFP would take too long to set up compared to just laddering it. Unless you have a backpack setup ready to go.

  3. If you need to go rent a 24" extension ladder from home depot and buy a standoff for it. Standoff’s are super handy to have. You might be able to add a standoff to your gorilla and that might be what you need to get it done.

  4. If they just opened they might not want the top done. They might not even be using the space. But be ready in case you need to clean them.

  5. You probably won’t get more than $60 for the top glass (inside and out) so weigh that against the equipment you’ll have to buy. But equipment is rarely a bad investment.


So just using a pole without a ladder is doable? Im just worried since the awning is there it will.be a difficult angle.


Just ladder up with these . I wouldn’t pole them.


Like other have said, just ladder up for these Windows.

Rent a ladder and buy a standoff while your at home depo renting the ladder.


If you have no experience with pole work the results will look worse than they currently look.

IMO WFP or ladder for e newbie


Is that a second story hallway or something and do those double hungs tilt inward? I would find out that first.


Now that i think about it the second story might not even be used by the optometry clinic. I have never been in the place.



Actually, it is not against any OSHA standards, 3 point contact is for climbing or descending.

Common sense goes a long ways though.


It just opened.


So they didn’t ask for a bid, you’re just wanting to drop by and give them a price? Nothing wrong with that, just asking.


Yeah exactly. They may have someone already doing it but im gnna give it a shot.

  1. If the double hung on the 2nd story can be detached and brought inside then the job gets real easy.

  2. As for working in all that sunlight I have minimal experience to make recommendations. When I have such nice weather I just go to the beach!