Work Time Entertainment


Hey everyone!

I am interested in hearing what you guys like to listen to when you are working.

Be it:
audio books
Netflix (is that even possible?)
or other source.

Tell me what you like to listen to and if you have any podcast recommendations.

On a side note I personally like anything Star Trek related for podcasts so I highly recommend Random Trek as a podcast to listen to. If you are a sci-fi nerd.

  • Podcasts
  • Audio-books
  • Music
  • Netflix
  • Other

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Tony Kornheiser podcast every day (la cheeserie!)

Personal music collection


I normally just listen to the voices in my head. It’s getting boring though. They’re usually singing some stupid song about the behavior of bus wheels.


Does no one just listen to the radio any more


Nope. Colossal waste of time…

I collect music and honestly have over 1200 digital albums on my PC. I’m more satisfied listening to my own stuff than the drivel on the radio. Go a month listening to your own stuff - going back and listening to never ending commercials and talk will drive you mad.


I listen to the local Country station and while working using my Bluetooth I call in for contests and win stuff all the time. So I like it to listen to funny morning DJ’s and “Winning!” ( In a Charlie Sheen voice )


i listen to a podcast from a radio show


tons of audiobooks from library downloads

audibles books
star wars
max brand
orson scott card
alexandre duma

others cant recall

dave ramsey
entre leadership just subscribed
zig zigler
chris locurto

sometimes pandora music/comedy

rarely music


To be honest, I don’t even know what the hell a podcast is. I have never listened to one, but I am assuming it is just someone preaching about a certain topic?


Oftentimes it’s just a rebroadcast of a talk show format from tv/or radio. Think broadcast + iPod.

They are great if you find something you like. If you have a music ap on your phone, do a search in the index for podcasts.


Ben Greenfield. Mind pump. Dave Ramsey. Stuff You Should Know. Quick Talk Podcast. Joe Rogan. The Amazing Seller. Duct Tape Marketing.
Speed them up and you consume a ridiculous amount of information. Too much at times but I still rather listen to stuff a bit beyond my scope than just listening to the same music over and over again.


I play everything 1.5-2 speed. quantity from quality podcast.


I like to listen to the sounds around me,
in the house or outside.
I like to listen to the sound of my breath
and the squeegee on glass.


sounds like torture lol


I listen to multiple Pandora channels, everything from Marty Robbins to Foghat to Cheech and Chong.

Podcasts: the games I play: Kings of War and X Wing and game design. I also have WWII and mythology podcasts.

Sometimes I listen to YouTube: tabletop games, Neanderthal studies, NFL draft and world affairs.


I love x wing! Also I play Star Trek Attack wing. What table top YouTube channels are there?


What a your secret to winning!!! I can never get through

I listen to music or sometimes nothing. I should try out podcasts as I do like them.


LOL I just have the number on speed dial and if you don’t get through with my station within 4-5 tries than you didn’t win. My wife and I haven’t tried a whole lot lately but when we do get concert tickets, six flag tickets, jewelry and even VIP personal shows with Artist at their studio. All our friends always hear us and say they can never win. Guess we are just lucky for some things. :slight_smile:


has no one mentioned dan carlins hardcore history!?


The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain