Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


Thanks for sharing @C-Through.


It goes on like that. Boab on left. (I’m right handed). Clamp attached to boab for applicator (mop). I use solution in the boab.

On the right side i have a drill sheath (holster) that holds my squeegee. On the bottom of the holster is a magnet that holds my small scraper. Then i have i hammer holder that holds my sill towel.
If i need my 5" scraper, it fits inn the hammer holder behind the towel.
My dry towel (huck) just goes on top of squeegee.
If i use scrim, it goes over my shoulder or across squeegee.

Its an Army belt, picked up from Army Surplus.
If i take magic eraser, it goes in notch for a squeegee on the boab.


HEy mike do you still like this huskey padded belt ?


What’s up Genaro, I do


Mine is little similar to yours. Thanks to you I added holster for paintbrush. Very useful, as you were saying to dust those dirty sills before it gets muddy. Works best for my residential windows.

Another great thread! Thanx all for sharing

add: small squeegee on bottom for “french” windows only, razor fits perfect to my cargo shorts pockets


Thanks for sharing your workbelt setup.


This guy from England is an awesome window cleaner and likes to keep his belt setup simple.


My current cobbled together setup for when I’m playing at being self employed. Need to upgrade a few things yet. I carry a similar setup with my employer provided gear.


Thanks for sharing the pic @IanShane.


This is my belt, I used the unger belt with the big unger pouch before. But I like this more.
The pouches sit in front, one for sill cloth, one for detail cloth. And the smaller contains a pocket scraper and the other a magic eraser.


Where did you buy it?


It’s a Swedish brand called wörks.
You can get it at IKEA!
Just kidding, :grinning:
I got it from my supplier here in Sweden.


I knew it all along! I just asked you for the heck of it. Another great window cleaning gadget not being sold in the USA. :slightly_frowning_face:


Unger BOB
Unger Holster
Cheap utility pouch for cards, slips and pen
Unger spray bottle pouch
Ettore double pouch
With an unger ergo tech belt

Edit: I have no idea why the picture went like that.


I have kind of a unique approach to my belt setup. I start by tucking half of a bath towel into my pants at the waist. This gives me a place to wipe my squeegee if the other hand is occupied, and keeps my leg from getting soggy from the boab.

And I keep one extra huck tucked through the back of the belt.


Thanks for sharing Alex!

That’s a cool idea with the bath towel! I’m going to give it a try.


Thanks @Alex_Lacey great tip with the towel tuck! It’s nice to have a dry leg all day!


Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing. We have already been using the scrubbies and my wife (who works with me) loves it. I will try the bath towel idea when I’m back from our vacation!


So after years of not using a belt set up I finally decided to go in hard and I have liked it more than not.
The tough built pouches are really good I really like that they just clip off, as I pretty much all external for me is WFP so I kit up for insides then un clip stuff I don’t need. and yes I do have a vacuum hanging off my belt.



Thanks for sharing pics of your Workbelt setup.


Hey Mike I was just re-reading this rhetoric we had back An forth … you say you do a lot of cut-ups on your route. Have you ever used WFP to do your route.
If I had a route with lots of cut ups I wou,d def find a way to implement it. If it’s all walkable I would get some kind of wagon with back pack An three five gallon buckets. Just wondering. It’s hard to get paid good for cut ups on store fronts. When I see them I don’t even bother skiing people if they want service.