Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


I just don’t get what the big thing is with the squirt bottle? I’m taking my bucket inside.
What is the big advantage with the bottle?


I might hate it. For over 20 years I just took my bucket(s) inside (2 to be honest-One with my solution and one of just plain water to rinse my natural sponge etc…) There is a good chance I will still bring in a bucket (with just plain water to rinse my sponge & strip washer) but I’m thinking a squirt bottle would help to lessen the trips back and forth to the bucket and help me from having to carry it all around the customers house and up the stairs etc… It could also help eliminate the risk of someone dropping the bucket or knocking it and spilling it. I realize I might not like the squirt bottle but I am interested in trying it out!


With my customers, it has more to do with perception than reality. They like to see I am not sloshing around a bunch of water inside their nice houses. I often get compliments because they didn’t like the last cleaner bringing a water bucket in to their place. If I brought a bucket it would be on a drop cloth anyway, but still, the bottle looks better.

Also, because it does save a bit of time and effort. Inside glass is generally much cleaner and requires less water, so I can scoot around the house with just my belt and bottle instead of making trips to the bucket or hauling it from one room to the next with a drop cloth.


I like the idea of rinsing applicator sleeves in water.

Seems to me any dust gathered over multiple windows or other debris that can be reapplied to a window betting caught in squeegee rubber is worth a few trips to a bucket. How many trips to buckeye are we really making?


Me too. What I usually do is leave a bucket of rinse water just outside the front door so if and when my sleeve gets a tad nasty I can clean it up.

Still, the bottle speeds things along and keeps my windows slick. I like to run my squeegee nice and wet, but I don’t need to be constantly dunking the washer. And, as aforementioned, many customers appreciate me leaving the bucket outside.

Not saying mine is the only way to do it, but it works for me, my work flow, and my customers so that’s really all anyone can ask.


I agree! Very important to rinse the applicator sleeve. I do bring the bucket into the home but I place it in a corner out of the way on a drop cloth. I’ll move it upstairs when I’m working on the second floor of a house that’s big. The bottle on a belt idea rocks but my sponge and applicator need to be rinsed.


I agree. Where I work much of the windows are reversible, so when I’m on the second floor I clean the outside of the window from the inside of the house… and as always the outside of the window is much dirtier. So I need my bucket.
It’s very interesting to see in this community how very different our windows and circumstances are depending where we live. So one thing I think is the best way to do it, is not the same some where else…


If you spill, it’s drops not a bucket.


Have you dropped a bucket in a house before?


What is your residential workbelt setup for yourself and your employees, if you don’t mind sharing a pic.




Yup! Or your employees.


I posted mine way at the top, simple belt


Sorry found it! :slight_smile:




Ha…Never dropped one but I have knocked one down a flight of stairs and more
than once stepped in it while backing off of a kitchen counter that I was kneeling on.


Never brought one in a house or a store, I joined this forum too early for that.


Thought I would give this thread a little refresh so all the new people don’t miss it.


I have pared my stuff down to just about what you have but when I really start cranking off big victorians and sprawling commercials I will need to get a new belt with suspenders for this summer. I don’t have steel hammer loops and am extremely careful not to scratch any walls or furniture. My 50 year old back thanks me every fall when things slow down. I can sometimes work 30 feet up and down for a week straight and the padded belt and extra support really does make a difference for me. I am looking for a new ultra light setup right now with no metal crap sticking out anywhere to cause problems. My old setup is way down in this post somewhere. I finally wore it out doing some winter construction this year to make ends meet.