Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


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You know what Luke. You a trip. You accuse me of bashing your videos and I’m still subscribed to your channel and I like and comment. You respond to everyone’s comment except mine. You say let’s be freinds. I can’t tell. You never respond to my comments even now. Especially on this thread. You claim my comments were never shown on your video which is odd. Don’t explain,i already know why. You asked a question on this thread and I answered it directed to you but I know the real reason for your smart remark that you thought was funny. Yet you didn’t even respond which leaves me to think your trying to belittle me. I don’t want to fight anymore. You do your thing and I’ll do mine. I still like your videos and I’m sorry you don’t care for mine.



This thread is not about you guys settling your differences, please keep this workbelt setup thread for “workbelts

Difference can be settled in a PM or an email



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There is nothing to settle. Only stating the obvious.


Wcr must not be occupying his efforts to the fullest



@wcs my picture was a reply :sunglasses: Marcus I never said you bashed my videos. Carry on guys . @cactus27 hope all is well buddy no hit list.




Where are the pockets/pouches from? Where you keep your brush etc.


How do you like using a natural sponge?


Thanks for posting the bump and pic @BostonMike Mike!


Lowes, they’re made for carpenters. The strip washer and my sill brush are in the picture.


I’m old school been using sea sponges since 1975. Can’t work without it. :grinning:


I’m the exact same. Started with Natural sponges back in the early 90’s and can’t live without them!


@toadyfatz Have you shared pic’s of your work belt setup yet?


I will for sure. I’ve been working on how I’m going to set it up for a couple weeks now. I’m in the process now of getting my business back going in April of this year after working a different job for 3 years. I had my business for over 20 years but I was real simplistic back then. Basically just a belt with an Unger Henry double holster which I would carry 2 squeegee’s in the top loop and my natural sponge in the second. Carried a couple detail towels & 6 inch scraper in my back pocket and 2" scraper in my front pocket. Very simple. But after following everything for the last 3 years and learning new ideas online (never too old to learn!!) I am working on a new belt set up with more options etc…with less trips to the bucket etc…I love the idea of the squirt bottle for my solution inside a house. I never did that back then. Just brought the bucket inside. I’m looking forward to getting back into it and trying new things this go around! I will post the set up when I get going again soon.


Looking forward to the pics. Welcome back to the wonderful world of windows!


Thanks! I’m looking forward to doing my own thing again! I did windows for so long I thought I just had to have a change, but once I finally did it I learned the hard way that I’m not built for punching a time clock everyday and being stuck inside at a desk all day! The old saying that you don’t know what you had till it is gone is very true in my case!!