Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


Looks like your ready for war lol. I now know your serious. Go make those pockets fat.


Lol. Tell em. Some of the fellow tradesman look like there going to war. I always know what I need before I do a job to cut down on all the extras.


Marcus what does your setup look like? Why don’t we ever see you? O the mystery… this could be you



Nice @Trad-Man


we are going to war aren’t we luke? the fight against dirty windows and fake window cleaners


Hey guys looking forward to see pics of workbelts setups in this thread.


It doesn’t matter what someone looks like, this thread is strictly about workbelts setups.


Thanks for sharing your workbelts set Pete.




I’ve been at it a year now and this is what I’ve pretty much settled on. For residential I throw steel wool in the pouch if the funk level requires… The wagtail lives on a pole usually as does the mop.

Here’s my office set up as well.


Thanks for sharing your workbelt setup.


Ahaha. Thanks @marcuswindows!


The suspense of it all. Don’t you love it. This is what probably most of the subscribers want to see. You click on the video hoping this is the one you finally see me. You ever see movies where the person does things but you never see who it is. That’s it.:blush:


Oh, by the way, my current belt setup is my butt. I, mean back pocket. I only need two tools at a time. I already know what I need so there’s no need for me to be suited up like the army. Maybe as I approach residentail and make those big bucks like you, I’ll get there one day.


Sorry if you’ve already mentioned this, but did you spend a lot of time in a bosuns chair earlier in life?

It seems like a lot of ex-high rise guys will do almost anything to avoid wearing a tool belt.


Yes, how observant you are. That’s how I started cleaning windows. 3months into training I was in the chair.


sure thing bro!


Yeehaa. A fellow minimalist…sorry Samuel I meant this one for @marcuswindows :slight_smile: