Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


Here would be tmi:

men in tights


Thanks for sharing you pic of your workbelt setup to this thread.


My belt setup. Covers pretty much anything I need for quick reach.
Bull Rings are a new add on as is the Fixi-Clamp.


Thanks for sharing the pics of your setup Garry! :wink:


Where did you find that ball and socket set up for the clamp? Pretty cool.


I think I got it at Home Depot some years back. I used it for my Unger scraper, but recently found it works great for my Unger FIXI-Clamp.


Werner Lock In Tool Lasso


The only thing i like to hang out my belt is my bucket or a microfiber. I wouldn’t use it but they are pretty slick.


Now thats funny! :wink:


Just read/skimmed/lol’d my way through this entire thread… wheeewh!!
Hey Steve, did you post a pic of your work belt?


That’s a lot of skimming Cory! :wink:

To be honest Im not sure…lol

It has this and that on it and its that color, oh and one more thing just keep it simple.

I dont use a workbelt much any more to be honest.


Cool Steve. Onward and upward we go!


Going to try and bring this thread back to life. Decided to keep it as simple and straight forward as possible.

I have a carpenters pouch. Switched out the drill hook for a hammer hook I found on clearance at HD which holds a towel. The top pocket holds my scraper very nicely. Big pocket I just have towels and a brush. The mounted hammer holster has my 6 inch squeegee. One of the front pockets has a scrub pad and the second one is currently empty.

The small one pocket pouch us for a solution bottle/spray bottle. I am using a drill holster to hold my ninja handle and squeegee (Thanks again @marcuswindows!)

Then I have my BOAB which of course holds my scrubber as well as my ergotec 18" squeegee I found on the cheap at the local cleaning supply store and a 12" channel in the third slot.

Well thanks for letting me share. All you guys are great and have been nothing but helpful. This is a great community!


Seems like a great belt setup.
A steady belt!


I go with a simple belt, some of the belts shown have more equipment than I carry in my truck.

Guys with these full tool belts, do your employees get issued the same?


Thanks for sharing the pic.


Thanks for sharing the pic of your simple workbelt setup!


Thanks for creating the thread !


Thanks for saying that @JWilliams. I hope this thread helps people see all the different workbelt setups that are out there from the sleek and minimalist setups to the workbelts with everything but the kitchen sink on them.

It always helps to visually see how others do things.


I totally agree!