Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)



I vary my load out depending on what the job calls for and where I’m at. I’ll admit to being a bit of a doomsday prepper when it comes to residential work. I just hate making trips back to my bucket or truck for tools and towels. So I’ve got an interior work bucket that travels with me from room to room, and a suspension rig for working outside or on ladders.

My load for store front work is the polar opposite and the epitome of simplicity.
Then just a Homer bucket for my water and sponge, and a 12’ Unger pole.


Thanks for sharing pics of your setup with the forum.


Did you buy the belt or make it? I’d like to make/buy something like that.


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I love my bull ring. It will never scratch walls and the slight friction against the belt vs the open air hammer loop means it will not drop a towel out of it.


In my back pants pocket


That’s a good spot it Mike…


I’m thinking of incorporating these holsters into my belt…



If you think it will be a sustainable system, then absolutely go for it. And let the rest of us know how you like it.

Personally, I’ve bounced back and forth between TONS of gear and the bare essentials. Most times, I’m faster carrying just what I need on the belt. I’ve taken to wearing cargo pants and making good use of those pockets though.


The bottle holder doesn’t look to bad.


I use this setup for residential and commercial. This thread has been very cool seeing all the different setups. I notice not many guys use the bullring… highly recommended to hold your detailing cloth, scrim or in my case a chamois, yes a chamois.

On another note, have any guys found a great holster to put cell phone in? The Unger utility pouch has a space just big enough but too tight and I like throw my back out sometimes stretching to pick the phone out of a tight space…


Thanks for sharing the pic @OPM.


Phone goes in left cargo pocket. You can wear shorts year round right? :sunglasses:


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Great idea… I do that sometimes when I wear my cargo shorts. 9 months a year can wear shorts here and 3 months wear shorts with fleece pants underneath :grinning:


I keep it simple!



Fleece under pants? Tmi


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Thanks a lot guy!