Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


Nice! For some odd reason, I never would have thought to put two identical pouches next to each other. But it seems so obvious now (duhhh…), if that’s what will work for you. Thank you for expanding my mind just a bit :slight_smile:


It helps to have extra towels… Not as much running back to the truck… I count every foot step.


Awesome thread. Thanks for taking the time to post pics/videos!

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Have you tried the scrim? One scrim = one house for me.

I also picked up some heavy duty fabric from Joann’s and it rules for detailing. I’m going to go back and see if they have a thinner version (60% linen, 40 rayon - I think). The heavy fabric is wicked awesome, but it’s hard to wrap around a pole tip.


I’ll have to try one next time I make an order.


i like scrims. but they tend to disappear. i bought one for each of my guys, and funny thing, mine is the only one still in existence.

so for me, the ROI is poor. also, they are too big. i would rather use three scrims in a day at 1/3 their normal size than 1 scrim at it’s usual bath towel size. it’s kind of unwieldy at that size.

same with the fancy microfibers, like the unger ninja. yeah, they work great. but if you lose them or if some painter or laborer ganks one on a job site you are out $10 vs .25c if all you are using is hucks. in the end, i dont think the added function outweighs the cost vs. basic, somewhat disposable huck towels.


Caleb: I’m not sure if I get your point. Is it that you don’t like the scrim because the towel sucks or is it the people? :slight_smile:



hah, i guess the people are the problem. i like scrims a lot, i just think they are too big and too expensive to bother with. if i was on my own, i would probably have a dozen and that’s all i would use.


I was hoping by starting this thread it would help newbies and advanced window cleaners, some how some way!

Do you have any pics that you would like to share of your work belt setup.


I have and use a scrim all day/every day. I also always use a regular cotton blue towel (I have a linen service for uniforms, towels, etc…) for sills and general clean up. The scrim only gets used for polishing and detailing.

I’d like to get used to just a sea sponge/scrim combo, but my sponge always gets loaded with soap and makes a mess on the windows?


I’ve been using a sea sponge for over twenty years. Unfortunately guys who like a lot of suds will have a suds problem when using a sea sponge. I use a soap that has very little suds.

Also you’ll also need a sill cloth, the sea sponge does not replace it.


Ya. That’s what I figured? I’m gonna play with the soap and see if I can lower the dosage little by little…


GG4 mixed with dawn 1 to 5 seems to work well. Most guys like to work with more suds than that…so the sponge gets to frothy. In Europe I don’t think they use sea sponges based on what I’ve seen on YouTube. So is it really necessary?


Just thought I would give this thread a refresh, since there are lot of new people that have joined the forum!

Check it out and add some pics of your workbelt setup!


Thought I would bump this thread for all the new people starting out this spring!

Hope it helps!


When does summer start? It feels like summer here.


It started yesterday

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Funny you mention this . My kids last day of school is tomorrow . They’re going on summer vacation , but it’s still spring

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here is my new track brush its more efficient.



That thing is huge!