Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


Wow, that’s a lot of stuff.

What is that piece of wood in the second picture?


It’s just a cut down paint scraper I use to remove the screens. Yes it may look like a lot of stuff but I use all of it, I used to find that I was always going back to the van or my bucket to get things and wasting a lot of time, especially if up a ladder etc I’ve noticed on videos and photos that no one carries a cobweb brush around with them, as u can see I’ve attached mine to the boab, I have it

wedged inside a pipe so it pushes strait on to my pole. where do u guys carry yours

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That’s a great idea on the pipe. HeMan did a lot with pvc and it’s a great idea.

I usually go around the house with a cobweb brush before cleaning. Then on my boab I have a 2" chip brush for screens or any cobwebs I might have missed.


Were do you keep the Advil :slight_smile:
Btw. I do like the way you hooked up your scraper on there. Great idea !

Actually I’m not sure if that is a scraper , but that’s what I would put on there :slight_smile:
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Thanks for posting the pics.


Hi mike, yes thats a scraper, i used to use the green retractable unger scraper but you cant put them on the pole and so had to carry two around with me, so thats just abit of aluminium bent to shape with a broom holder screwed to it and the lot screwed to the boab, just file the extruding screw away inside and your done. its great to use one handed as theres no need for the blade cover, just pull off with one hand use and put strait back. works gr8.
BTW the yellow scrwdriver there isnt for screwing its actuall bent and i use it all the time as a leverage tool for getting screens in and out for wiping out tracks and many other things, cant do without it now


Just bend it like that works beait

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[MENTION=31506]Guesty[/MENTION]. Nice hack !!!

For route work I don’t wear a boab I do wear an ettore pouch though. In that pouch I keep my blade ,an a Ecover bottle of solution. I like to not have a cover on my blade for route makes it easy to pull out an hit a piece of tape or something .

The one thing is I’m quick with pulling the blade ,an it’s a thing were its a reaction , an you don’t have thinking time … with route it usually don’t matter except for the one time when my customer tinted his door on his storefront " lol ". I couldn’t believe it ,an I even said to him who tints a door, so if the cover was on maybe I would of thought first before I tried to take that piece of tape off . Ugh !! That feeling when I herd that tint rip.

It took me an hour to scrape all the tint off, an my tint guy charged me $75.00 to tint it . On well not the first time actually it was the 3rd time, but the other two were rookie mistakes :slight_smile:

I do wear a boab for resi , an that hack would be nice place to put my blade . With a cover of course :slight_smile:

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I’m still new and trying to find what works best for me? Right now this is my favorite setup. I wear a Ettore belt with a couple of loops for my 12" and 8" squeegee.


Thanks for sharing your set up pics.


BTW, this was/is a CCU job so that’s why the window is out. I remove them all and the tracks on CCU jobs.

I like the Sorbo system but don’t like the fact that my strip washer doesn’t fit in there. Kind of makes a mess if you’re not paying attention.

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Hi lefty, I also don’t like using round buckets, the blue 18" I find to be the best, I’ve added a pic of mine to maybe help you with some ideas, good luck

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Thanks! Yes, very creative indeed.

If they only made a stand (like the Sorbo) for a rectangular bucket?

I’ve been toying with different belts, spray bottles, etc…and still can’t find anything I like?

You now have my wheels turning, so I might try and make some sort of stand for my 2 favorite buckets.

Thanks again for the motivation!!


Happy to see these pics make it to this thread. Thanks for posting them!


The liquidator is being released soon so I thought I’d post Polzn Bladz belt.



Thanks Mike, now we just need to get him to post his own pics here! :wink:


So I just figured out this week that one of those little unger poles fits in my ninja bucket. For those moments when u just need a few more inches. I used to just use my squeegee but the pole is better. Liken it.

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My setup.


Thanks for sharing the pic!


Yeah too bad it’s upside down