Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


Great! Thanks for the pic. I will go buy some tomorrow.

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@rivetOr Are you using the Quickie red scrubber? I saw those today at Lowe’s.

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Occasionally you’ll find a black handled scrubber in the grill department. You can rip off the pad they use, glue some velcro on it and it’ll hold your pad.


I really wouldn’t put much weight into the color of the pads from the big box stores as far as an abrasive marker goes. I would feel them, you’ll know if you can use it on glass.
It’s been awhile since I bought some, and they were discontinuing them @ HD. Its good to know Lowes might have some.

Here is the pic Chad, and I just snip off the plastic loop.


ditto ^^^

And true what he said " feel the pad you’ll know "

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Im looking forward to it!

Thanks for sharing the pad information and pics. I also like having the scrubber pad on a handle it make scrubbing
a lot easier.


I bought the red Quickie scrubber with handle at Lowe’s. The tag on it did not say medium duty scrubber. It just said all-purpose scrubber, so it probably is the same scrubber pad [MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION] uses. Feels like it will be fine on glass. I will let you know how tomorrow goes.

Thanks!! [MENTION=10960]goldeneagle[/MENTION] [MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION]


This is my new setup. I dig it, I do wanna add a bullring to my belt though, also I like my carpenters pouch better then the Unger, so I might switch pouches also :slight_smile: …As for the magic erasers they work amazing, use them everyday at my fencing job.

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[MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION]. Red scrubber worked really well today. Thanks man!


I picked up some of the Blue Non Scratch pads last night myself 3 bucks at Walmart :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Tip.

Ohh and I’m thinking about trying out the Ettore Contour Pro Plus. I have searched and read some of what you all have to say, but it’s a really sucks it isn’t clipless, found a write up on converting it though. Is it worth the money?

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What’s a good, basic set up for a beginner?+



I hate to bum you out, but I swung by Lowes over here to check on their stock - and the red pad definitely is not the same as the ones I have. Not as abrasive, nor as dense.


No problem. These scrubbers are a lot better than the AMAZ scrubber I was using. Thanks for checking on them for me

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In case ya’ll haven’t tried it yet, those blue pads work great with an unger pad holder…I use one opposite the brush on my WFP…I’ll post some pictures tomorrow…(in case anyone carries a WFP on their work belt) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Exactly !!! That’s why i have them :slight_smile: 1/4 white & blue pads.

Have both Aluminum Pad Holder 8in Handheld Unger & Aluminum Pad Holder . But use the Aluminum Pad Holder the most.

Also i have bronze wool pads for them…

Bronze Wool Pad 4x9 - 283500

Bronze Wool Pad 6x9 - 283100

WCR has the 6x9 …



I forgot to mention, I also use two pads side by side, folded in half in my unger fixi clamp…that works GREAT…and those pads last forever!

Maybe I’ll start a new thread about this…I don’t want to be known as the guy who killed this epic thread…Sorry everybody!

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Don’t worry Jesse there is no way to kill this epic thread.

As long as we all keep adding great information and pic’s of new adds to the work belt setups!



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[MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION] I just got off the phone with Quickie. She told me that they changed the pad from red to blue and back to red(recently) again. It was a marketing thing to see if the blue pads would sell better. I ordered a red medium duty scrubber w/handle on Amazon. It came in yesterday. The pad on it was blue. I thought they shipped me the wrong scrubber. The lady at Quickie said that is the medium duty scrubber(the company I ordered it from did not update their picture). You are right! I can tell a huge difference. The pad is more abrasive and dense. I just tried it on my front window in the sunlight. It did not scratch the glass. This has to be the same pad you are using. She said I can order those scrubbers directly from them. They are only $2.24 each. I would have to order at least 72 to get that price. I think with free shipping, I am not sure.

How long does a scrubber pad usually last you? I will be using it every day. The cheap red ones you recently saw at Lowe’s look like a dog chewed on the pad after only one day of use. The pad just falls apart


Here’s a pic of my pimped up boab, I carry two boabs one for 14" one for 18" one boab holds brush, screen and track tools and scraper. The other holds wagtail angle arm scourer and Phillips screwdriver. I only use wagtails, except for a 4" ledger. My 6" wagtail sits in hammer holder, I cut and drilled the disc so it sits beautifully in there. Hope this helps someone.
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