Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)


Yes Mike I use a bottle 90% of the time, but sometimes when the glass is hot or finger printed you need that little extra water.


Yeah or when there is what you can only hope is cola splashed everywhere.

And a full squirt bottle makes for a handy sprayer just in case you’re not sure.

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I like to refer to that as letting there kid eat on my windows. What the heck. That’s my exact response in some order of that when I see it. That I utter out load whenever I see the most disgusting finger print soda chunks of food combo on the window. Sometimes I yell it.
Just kidding.
But yeah the extra soapy bottle of solution does help. I guess that has been one of my additions to my belt lately is an extra ecover bottle in a holder for that wonderful occasion.

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Damn it’s been awhile and this thread is still alive. I’m literally rocking the same setup, just a different bag.


More than anything I was just acknowledging the posive vs the screwed in channel.

But I do use a sidekick more, mostly because I literally use my actual belt, as my belt.

  • quick release
  • tiny footprint

It really throws me to see the pics with 6 different pockets/pouches on an over-the-clothes workbelt.
(I have no problem with it, and I’m the only one in my crew who uses it.)

Incidentally, most of my guys get bitchy when their pants get wet when they don’t have their boab in the right place.
To me, it’s just “Tuesday 9a.m.”
(People are way too fragile, these days, in my opinion):rolleyes:



[SIZE=3][B]Rivet-Or…You should try out a Bull Ring for your rags, I believe you can buy them from WCR ! They work awesome, there is the original , the Single Bull Ring , the Double Bull Ring , the Mini Bull Ring and the Bull Ring Squeegee Holster. They come in black and Natural…[/B][/SIZE]


Looks like a well used belt. What is that thing in the bottle holder?

And, you seriously removed the sticker from your ninja? I didn’t think that was allowed.

Why are you yelling?



[SIZE=3][B]Yeah, right that’s yellin, crimeny…[/B][/SIZE]


Yeah I love my bullring I didn’t know WCR had them back in stock I have wanted another one on my belt. Sweet.

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@[U]Neal’s window cleaning


[SIZE=7][B]Neal which one do you have ?

(Ahhhhh HaHaHa happy wit dis J-Ster)[/SIZE][/SIZE]


The painters brush is the tool that has changed my whole game . I learn about it from a local window cleaner.
When I get to the window I brush all the dust/dirt off the window and even the screen too. It makes cleaning it a lot easier , my water stays cleaner longer and I don’t have mud running down the walls. So I save a lot of time and finish faster .

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Ya I’m definetly all about the bull ring. My helper use to wear a hammer loop . We both wear bull rings now . Great invention !

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[MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION] About a year ago you mentioned that you use a handled scrub pad. I think you shared a YouTube video. Thanks for the great idea. I use it everyday! Makes my job so much easier


The double bullring

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@[U]JaredAI[/U], it’s actually an abrasive pad and I wouldn’t leave home without it! And for the ninja sticker - way too tacky for my taste :stuck_out_tongue:

@[U]Dangerous[/U], I have actually used a bullring and it’s a great idea, and it works well, but I’m a lot faster with a regular old hammer loop. Sounds silly, but I move quickly and it’s just a lot more fluid for me.


Awesome - makes a big difference doesn’t it? Where did you pick yours up at? The ones I found and use are more abrasive than your regular white pads, and it agitates twice as well. The big box store was actually swapping to their house brand which sucked in comparison, so I went around to all their locations and bought out all the remaining stock and I have boxes of them sitting in the garage :cool: They last a very long time too for just a few bucks!


I bought the A-MAZ gripper pads. They work really well, but I wish I had something a little more abrasive. I know of a window cleaner in Texas that uses the Scotch-Brite 3M 3000CC power sponge. These sponges do not come with a handle. I prefer something with a handle. To be honest, I am scared to use those in fear of scratching the glass.

Please let me know if you know of something with a handle that is a little more abrasive without scratching the glass.


Looks to me like rivet0r is using red… Tho he doesn’t say where, home despot or lowes most likely .

These are the ones i use. Orange pad is from home-depot when they are worn out. I pull the remaining off and hot glue a white pad on it. Thin 1/4 and 1" pads white or blue 1/4 inch haven’t found a source for 1" blue as of yet with-out a handle. Despot has the 1/4 inch blue in a 4-5 pack

Blue is the most aggressive and is scratch safe. I always read the blue pad labels because some are not. Meaning they are not the scotch- brite brand. The scotch-brite blue is. Aggressive levels imo white to orange to blue.

I use to put a 1/4 pad cut up and folded in 1" blade space of my boab. Then i moved to using handled pads and have not looked back.
I also use the unger pad holder handle ones for commercial glass.

On topic of thread.

Have been using the eurgo-tec belt for awhile. But i am thinking of tweaking again. Doesn’t hold the new unger scraper holder very well.
pad kind-of twist on me. I’ll be doing some adjustments this week. post later " steve"


Thank you so much for the advice John! I am going to look for the 1/4" blue at Home Depot. What is the name of the blue brand? Do they come with a handle? I will make sure not to buy the Scotch-Brite brand.


I only buy the Scotch-Rite brand !!

It’s the only blue pad that’s scratch safe.
Here is a pic of pack available @ Home Depot 1/4 inch . Found with a handle @ lowes here. Kind of hard to find with a handle sometimes . So I buy multiple when I do.

Hope that helps


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