Wordpress update


Yes, theme.co/x is the one I use.

Really font sizes? They should have an option under theme settings/customization or whatever they call it. That should be an easy change.

If you need me to take a look at it, let me know.


I think it changes the body and the heading but not the stuff that visual composer generates.


That should still be an easy change. I’d highly recommend NOT editing their css. If it doesn’t have a custom css function that it added to your menu, download one of the css plugins off wordpress. If you edit ANY of their files, it’ll get blow away the first update you do.

If you absolutely have to edit functions, spawn a child theme and then you can do whatever.


Looking into Divi. Can you add plugins like zendesk or ResponsiBid’s lightbox or smartform without any issues?

Edit: Their lifetime access of $249 seems like a no brainer. Hey I know what I can do next winter: