Wordpress update


If you’re running WordPress, make sure you run your updates asap. The latest version is 4.7.2 and over 50,000 sites were hacked because of a rest API issue.

If you don’t know what the rest API does then you probably don’t need it and can disable it by installing this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-json-api/


Only versions 4.7 and 4.7.1 are affected by this security issue, but its still a big deal. Keeping up to date is important.

4.7.2 has a filetype check bug that prevents uploads on some hosts - but rather that than security holes!


… and for the love of God, BACK IT UP BEFORE YOU UPDATE!


Don’t be a wuss! You’ve got like a 80-90% chance WordPress updates with no problems.

With Drupal, you’ve got about a 8-9% chance it updates with no problems.

With joomla… Who cares? Nobody uses joomla.


I didn’t even know people still use Drupal lol


…Oops, I do. Rather, my site is Joomla, I have no idea
how to do anything with it. I would like to be able to
change things on the site but haven’t a clue and my friend that
built it doesn’t do that work anymore…Any suggestions?


Redo it in WordPress :wink:


Jared can help you.


Yeah I can help you. Joomla is goofy


Mainly enterprise level stuff. When it needs to be powerful and able to handle millions of visitors per day, Drupal is the best.


Nah - just use decent hosting that does daily backups for you - manual backups always fail because no-one ever does it consistently…


Hi Jared, Thanks for your offer. what do you think of something like this…



It’s not bad but you can get a lot better theme for less money.


If this is your first shot and yoh want a cheap, solid theme, get Divi


I just started Wordpress and I’m trying to use a stock theme and not really liking it.
Where do you recommend getting a nice theme that works best with this industry.
There are things about the one on this post I like, but see room for improvement, as you obviously did, also.


Themeforest.net is good - but always check the theme out before you buy.

  • Never be the first to buy a theme - wait until it has some feedback & the bugs have been worked out.
  • Make sure the theme gets regular updates, if it hasn’t been updated in 6 months then it may not be compatible with the latest WordPress release
  • Check the support comments - make sure the theme developers actually answer questions & fix bugs
  • Don’t be put off if thousands of others have already purchased. All good themes are so customizable that you won’t end up looking the same as all the others, but you will get better support if the theme is still making a profit for the developer.


I love the x-theme. Support flexible, great bundle, and solid support. I’ve been in the guts and it’s got great code. It’s the only theme I use anymore.

I’m going to try and make a how to video on the next few weeks.


I like the X-theme for the most part but he way it uses containers within visual composer rows is frustrating,… its the only theme i use that does that,… kinda feels like doubling up on effort & it makes the page builder view more crowded.

I’ve used a theme called “The 7” a few times & that is solid & full of options.


That’s because x has cornerstone. I like it better than visual composer.


https://theme.co/x/ Is this the theme your talking about? I paid the same for CleanCo https://themeforest.net/item/cleanco-cleaning-company-wordpress-theme/9460728 And it has me pulling out my hair right now… Can’t access settings to change font sizes. It’s all buried in .CSS that I just can’t find.