Wired at the Sleep Center


Just a selfie at the sleep center being tested for narcolepsy. I am working on a post in my Molecular Health Media blog about the visit. Took a lot of pics. Very interesting. Somewhat denigrating however.



Lookin good Henry!


I hope you put a bid in while there. Just kidding! Hope all goes well!


It was a really fun experience. Except I did have a hard time sleeping at night in a strange bed with a hundred wires glued to my head, neck, arms, belly, and legs. It will be a fun post to write however. And to find ways to explain sleep using visual media.



My New Years resolution was "Take more naps."
It must be healthy, I Already lost 5.5 lbs.


Henry, don’t panic…but you look like you might be a robot.


JINX! Just broke my back and now I look like a robot. Fell down my stairs at home. Woo.



Oh man…

I hope you heal correctly and fast!


Very sorry to hear that! I had a friend that fell from a ladder. Fractured about five vertebrae. He has recovered.



@bo0r4dl3y how’s that back healing up?


The doctor said it healed straight as an arrow.
I just started lifting my ladder again and the doctor said as long as it doesn’t hurt I am safe to lift again. Just did my first full house again today actually. Just in time for the nice weather.


That’s great to hear @bo0r4dl3y!

Love that slime line ladder :wink:


Haha, I promise I used my ladder to get the windows on the overhangs. Just wanted to use my WFP today and it worked beautifully.


Whuut! So sorry. Hope you’re pain is “manageable”. Behave…get well soon. :persevere:

There ya go Henry…insomnia cures narcolepsy! :thinking: