Wired at the Sleep Center


Just a selfie at the sleep center being tested for narcolepsy. I am working on a post in my Molecular Health Media blog about the visit. Took a lot of pics. Very interesting. Somewhat denigrating however.



Lookin good Henry!


I hope you put a bid in while there. Just kidding! Hope all goes well!


It was a really fun experience. Except I did have a hard time sleeping at night in a strange bed with a hundred wires glued to my head, neck, arms, belly, and legs. It will be a fun post to write however. And to find ways to explain sleep using visual media.



My New Years resolution was "Take more naps."
It must be healthy, I Already lost 5.5 lbs.


Henry, don’t panic…but you look like you might be a robot.


JINX! Just broke my back and now I look like a robot. Fell down my stairs at home. Woo.



Oh man…

I hope you heal correctly and fast!


Very sorry to hear that! I had a friend that fell from a ladder. Fractured about five vertebrae. He has recovered.