Winter Cleaning, Streaks and Technique


Hey All,
I have a few questions for the Community if you all wouldn’t mind please.

  1. Winter cleaning windows-is soft rubber the best for squeegees? I haven’t done any cold weather cleaning but i am about to as the temperatures are dropping fast so i have an idea of what i am going to need but whats the best rubber for cleaning in the cold please. How do i keep the rubber from freezing?
  2. My summer went well i have noticed some streaking on occasion especially when i use a pole. Is it best to pull down or pull from the sides of a window with a squeegee and a pole please Also is there a recommended squeegee that gives the best results for pole work? i use a 18 inch liquidator but the pressure doesn’t seem to be applied evenly when i am poling 20 feet up.
  3. I also use a lot of microfiber clothes on a preclean around the frames and a final clean up after i am done. Does anyone use any better type of cloth than microfiber cloths?
  4. I haven’t learned how to fan, i try but some of the windows just seem awkward or when it dries i have a streak from fanning. Is there a squeegee that is best for fanning?

Thank you all for your feed back and advice.


I just use Ettore rubber - good all around hot or cold. You will need some washer fluid if you’re going to work below freezing (blue for mild, pink for extreme). I would fill a bucket up with hot water and put soap in it, then get my mop all soapy then wring it out. Then put washer fluid in a squirt bottle (or directly into the boab) and use that as my fluid. Then when your mop gets chunky dip it back in the bucket to defrost.

As for keeping your rubber from freezing… move fast. If you can’t fan fast, then there is no better teacher than subzero. But your hands will freeze before your rubber does.

Nope. I use a regular squeegee, but if it’s a weird window or difficult, I’d use a wagtail. But if you’re going to fan with a pole, use a smaller squeegee (maybe 14").

There is nothing better than microfiber cloths. But if you’re soaking them from sills, get yourself a 6" sill squeegee to get most of the water off.

Yes. All of them. I can’t use widebody channels, but that’s just me. If you want to learn to fan, get yourself an easy window, mop it up and just move the water around with your squeegee. Don’t worry about anything just move it around. Learn how the happy squeegee wants to glide and oh, missed a spot there are no accidents and no worries as long as the squeegee is wet go back and get it and whatever you do don’t lift it off the glass. Ever. It may explode.


Thanks a lot Jared you are awesome!


The advice above is top notch.
Yes, you need soft rubber for cold temps. If you are a Liquidator guy but are concerned with soft Moerman rubber then consider that some folks put Ettore rubber on them. Haven’t tried the swapping myself, all I use is Moerman soft.


Get some ice fishing neoprene gloves for sub zero, you can still detail and your hands won’t freeze.


Do you have a link to those gloves? :wink:


I ended up going through two pairs last winter, just because the first pair got a hole and started letting water in after doing gutters. That is with pretty much daily residential use, lots of ccu. Over 25 degrees they are too warm for me, and I think the lowest temp I worked in was around -10 F. Mild winter in KC last year.


Thanks brother!

It’s always cold up here during the winter (I believe this year will be more severe.)