Winsol crystal clear 550


I tried it today and it did leave some swirl marks on the glass on one window but not the rest, so I would be cautious with it. It did perform well though. I used it by hand and it was very effective at removing the stains. I would be very nervous about using it with a low speed polisher though. I would be very concerned it would leave swirl marks. Then you have a much bigger problem.


Looks like a good product thanks for the recommend. I’ll have to try it.


Be ready for a fun clean up!


It sounds like using as little as possible to reduce splatter and cleaning up with a towel first would go along way in containing the amount of clean up. But then again I have not used it so you might be right. It looks like a great product though as far as the performance.


I would remove all the solution with an old squeegee rubber first - & plenty of towels, don’t let it drip on any delicate surfaces. Be ready to throw away any towels you use as well. Then use your good squeegee once you’ve mopped up & flushed the chemical away. Sorry to sound so scary, but it ain’t nice stuff to work with. I don’t enjoy working with it, but it does the job. I’d much rather work with one restore if I could get it here.


Hi everyone, I have a large stained awning in Sydney Australia, next to a main road. Was looking at the crystal clear 550 and found this link.

They will not even import the product due to health issues.

I just got worried for the people that said “just mask up you will be fine” the consequences of getting this on your skin is huge.


If your using any harsh chemicals you should always use the proper PPE and strictly enforce this policy for any that will be working along side you.


jeez when I worked with a former company all we used was 550 for hard water stains no masks, just used gloves. damn I feel like an idiot. I was not properly trained.


This problem is very common and I had to seek help from a windows and door installation team to sort out the issue. Here is a very helpful article that may help you to clean windows in three easy steps:

Just give it a try.


No one wants your dumb hydrophobic rain X crap


If you use the search function here there are many threads about using rain x on residential glass…
(not so stellar reviews @SqueegeeNinjaNJ :wink: .)


Well at least you know the proper process now and you can make it part of your process now to protect yourself and your employees in the future.


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