Window Squeegee No Real Change Theory


Have been window cleaning for about 18 years.
Noticed that squeegee wise, that there has been no real change how they are made.
Fixed squeegee make up most of the market.
And swivel type squeegees.
What we are talking about is the (handles)
They are thin, thick, big or small at one end of the handle small indentions on grip handle or rubber grip pads etc.
So the handle has economic grip??
Yes it has when you hold it vertically.
However when using squeegee you do not use it vertically but more like horizontally to the surfaced.
Believe this is what’s causing many people to getting RSI cramping in the hands, wrists, forearms, fingers and shoulders.
Maybe that manufactures do not want to change now because it might obsolete what products they sell now??
So it is very possible they (manufactures) may have solutions to this but choose to not make them because of the above.
So as said it is only theory.
In this day and age do you really think there is not other better alterative to what they are making now?
Do believe you that squeegee handles need to be designed to the way it griped /held.

If there any (manufactures) like to have bit of input on this you have the stage.


I see a squeegee similar to a pencil. Change the grip all you want, might be a bit more comfortable to use on any alteration you make to it but in the long run every day use just wears out the same body parts.

Unavoidable to completely avoid RSI or similar prolonged issues.

Many people dont use handles quite as intended either.

What does help today is the variety of handles and techniques out there.

We reduce RSI now by using a mixture of wfp, traditional and swivels to get our daily work competed. Not so much one tool every day, day after day.


glad i have different services id get bored doin same thing with same tool every single day


Know there people see nothing wrong with squeegee handles as they are.
But that is what people were saying about these 50 years ago.


the application of that technology is a little different lol


The application may be different that of technology.
But still took 50years to get where we are with phones.


Now we are talking about two non comparable devices


me thinks he thinks too much


Think so?? :laughing::smile::wink:


HE_MAN. There is something in what you say. I think manufacturers could definitely innovate more than they have. But they’re not the users, they just sell them $$$.


May have some sort of conspiracy?
Just think for a moment,(Hypothetically of cause)
Someone has developed handle for squeegee that allows you to hold/grip many way’s (while using in natural movement).
Same time eliminating cramping and less likelihood of developing RSI.
Would you buy such a tool with a handle like that??
If manufacture brings this handle into market place.
They will effectually eliminate there own current handles from the market.
For them it would be counter productive
Point being why, would manufacture want to let it on the market.
Only if there is a stand alone manufacture that have not the restraints or just make for a company.
That has these different handles.


The market probably isnt all that profitable or big enough within the industry may be the main reason.

We know there is no one technique or tool used the same by everyone.

There are so many different preferences. There is no one tool used daily for the majority of window cleaners.

It would be a benefit for Unger to developed something different. For example myself, I dont buy any Unger products but if they came out with something I find useful I would buy.

Unger primarily sells to a janitorial field where the users dont really clean windows daily and are moreless janitors. May not be beneficial costwise to change much for the target base.


I don’t agree with that statement at all. Yes, I agree Unger sells a lot of janitorial equipment, because they make a lot of it.

But mainly selling mops, squeegees and handles to janitors? LOL. I think that is WAY off base. I prefer the Ergotech long handles and SS channels. I use them A LOT.


Not sure if that was a point. Lot’s of pro window cleaners like Unger equipment. But I bet if you looked at their sales numbers, the majority of units sold would be to janitorial companies, not full time window cleaners. Simply by the merit that there are a lot more janitorial companies than companies that specialize in window cleaning.


Here, 95% of every janitor closet has unger poles and squeegees.

What was meant is there is never moerman, ledgers or specialized squeegees.

Janitorial businesses buy simple tools and is a market that is many many times larger of a market to sell to.

With the janitorial market being so large I would imagine Unger sells more tools to them than they do window cleaning shops that are commonly solo or very few employed businesses.


my post was confusing very likely, I should of simply stated why reinvent the wheel when your largest market purchases cheap and simple tools.


As I said:

Someone has developed handle for squeegee that allows you to hold/grip many way’s (while using in natural movement).
Same time eliminating cramping and less likelihood of developing RSI.
( Would you buy such a tool with a handle like that??)


You mean you have?
Are you talking about that swivel thing with a square base… not a fan thb


Square bases as handles are not ergonomically friendly or comfortable


Yes you have to use it to know.