Window Maintenance Contract?


I’m working up a bid for a window cleaning maintenance contract for an estate in my area. I cleaned the windows there last year in the fall @ $5,560 for all windows inside and out on the estate - this was at fair market value for my area. The owner is wanting me to put together a bid for window cleaning maintenance this year as they do a lot of entertaining for their businesses at their home - 1x/month at the same day/time each month for 12 months inside and out.
How have you all bid residential window cleaning maintenance jobs in the past? Thanks!


Well first of all, NICE! but really now you are doing a house as route, you are going to be cleaning, already kinda clean glass, so it will go A TON faster.

If you go to a once a month price, just think of the time it will take you and go from there. In my mind with out seeing anything and just going by price, I would go like $2,999. It’s a nice comforting number, and it will take you LESS than half the time to clean. Plus its a nice chunk of change that you can count on. If the go for it that is.