Window Cleaning with Fluff Daddy


Water lines

Good video, I use and recommend some different tools but I’m too lazy to make videos.

@Parker1751 - Pay attention to the pole work. When you mop, leave about 2" at the top. Then when you pull down, one side of the squeegee is higher than the other. The water will run from the low end to the high end (imagine the window is covered in snow and you’re pulling the snow towards you).

So keep the high end on the wet side of the window as you work. This drives the water (snow) towards the wet glass. When you pull the squeegee off the glass, turn the high end down as you raise. This keeps the water on that “high end” of the squeegee. This is how you pole a window. No wiping needed. Might have to put a towel on the end of your pole to wipe that top seal, but you shouldn’t leave too much.


I should make a video on pole work, but eh.


Good explanation Jared.




Never had anyone agree with me being “eh”…


But eh, I’d rather make a gif about it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So many videos on pole work…

Just make it your best friend and everything will be fine.

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I’ve got a plugin for chrome so only takes a few seconds. =)

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Had to read the last couple of sentences a few times, had me confused at first. But now I completely understand what you’re saying. I’m going to give this a try. Thanks for the explanation!




Great video! I don’t clean storefront, but now I know how to do them.

Thanks for sharing.


Fluff Daddy knows what he’s doing. I’m a fan. Don’t be jealous…respects to all you pros, I’m still learning. I do love the Wagtail, talk about time on residential.